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(WT-shared) Davidx at wts wikivoyage
(WT-shared) Davidx at wts wikivoyage

Skansen Museum is an open-air museum and the first oldest in the world. Skansen strive members swedem overview of medieval history and their country. Approximately 150 original medieval building accidentally removed from the region berbegai to Skansen in Sweden, such as the 19th century houses, a traditional craftsman homes, farms, farmland, and even the cathedral church. To further strengthen the atmosphere of Sweden in the Middle Ages, some people who work in traditional attire Skansen Sweden earlier times.

Skansen museum managed to attract the attention of tourists world and was visited by 1.3 million people every year. In addition to offering a miniature view of Sweden in the museum. Royal Skansen museum also held a variety of exciting events and used as the main venue several annual festivals Stockholm. No wonder Skansen became a favorite place of tourists or residents of Stockholm.

Skansen on Djurgarden Island located at varying price of admission. I had to pay 120 SEK for when summer comes and the ticket seller provided me a map before going to Skansen. Skansen size is quite extensive, so visitors can determine the route you want to take or who want to visit the area with the help of this map. curiosity with typical Swedish settlement Skansen took me pick popped into the area which is filled with traditional houses.

After I came, it turned out the house was the home of some of the traditional Swedish craftsmen, such as glass craftsman house and the blacksmith who makes a variety of tools. I went into the house artisan glass.

The house is divided into several rooms and I was straight into the room where the artisans work. Some of artisans were seen taking material from the glass furnace. Liquid glass that looks flabby and red-hot with a bright red color then formed by blown. The craftsman looks so casual with a bandage shirt and jeans.

I further explore the streets are filled with visitors Skansen. Out fragrant aroma wafted from the house that I passed in front of the house and the house writing Bread Maker. I happily stepped into the building, which has made bread turns sold to visitors.

The next house I entered was the post office. I found a woman with a traditional dress which highlighted the post in the past. He gave an explanation in Swedish so I just confused to hear without being able to understand.

Some visitors held a cloth on the grass for a picnic. Skansen seems more often used as a destination for a picnic than selling Swedish atmosphere of the past. Perhaps because the government Stockholm managed to maintain the original shape of the whole building is in Stockholm, then I feel all the traditional buildings that I see in my Skansen also encountered outside Skansen. Architectural similarity, the use of wood and brick materials, colors that adorn the walls of the house, all as reflected in the existing buildings in the city center Skansen. Maybe I should stop by one of the current Skansen Stockholm flagship festival held in order to feel the aura of this place.

Looks like journey at Skansen most fun is when I see some of the typical Scandinavian animals. Skansen is equipped with zoo and visitors can see some of the typical Scandinavian animals, such as moose, seals, wolves, and bears. Having tired of seeing seals are apparently many different types, I finally met with the animals that I have never seen before. An elk was sitting lazily sitting under a tree.

I joined the scramble order to get the right position to see the elk. I had to take turns with young children who crowded the fence. Elk who was sitting quietly in the cage, seems to have been used to being the center of attention. I had been thinking only of deer elk. Elk who was sitting in front of me have same size like a cow.

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