Enjoying Nature Park and Favorite Food Center in Bogor

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Bogor_botanical_garden puncakBogor known as Rain City has many different appeal for tourists from all over the world. The town is not too far from Jakarta have many diverse cultures and beautiful natural beauty. Here are some of the natural attractions and dining that can be your destination when visiting Bogor.

Little Venice, City of Flowers

Cianjur is located in the Flower City. Kiosk flowers and plants will adorn the trip when heading to this place. Little Venice is located in the Flower City housing complex. Most of the details of the building in Little Venice is a replica of the original Venice in Italy. In addition to passing the Rialto bridge replica, you can also see the gate Naijima, Merlion Statue, Sculpture and the American president’s face here. Against a backdrop of Gede and Pangrango mountains, the atmosphere in Little Venice is very beautiful and exciting.

Activities are a favorite of Little Venice is walking around the lake with the Gondola. Gondola rides located in the Italian replica. Channel through which the Gondola in Venice is very similar to the original coupled with bridge and tower bell. This gondola pulled by a guide who will take you to anywhere. Travelers can also walk around the lake using the famous Mississippi Boat Amerka. During the drive around the lake, you can also watch the show on the stage musical pirate boat. Spot photo here is great for selfie photos and pre-wedding. Other water rides are offered such as water bicycles, duck boat, car battery, banana boat, and sniper.

Nature Sentul City

These attractions have a lot of family recreation facilities are quite diverse as Natural Fantasia, outbound arena Sentul Wonderland for children, and walk to the mountain with a system of ecotourism. Your child can play in Nature Fantasia to try the popular games such as sky cycle, car bumpers, aladdind, kiddy ride, trampoline, slip the car, to go karts. While in the outbound arena, the child will try to conquer the challenges of haling steeplechase, pond sand, jungle house, until the flying fox. Arena outbound travelers can also be enjoyed by adults.

In addition to the above vehicle, Adventure Ecotourism has also become one of the favorite rides in the park enough nature Sentul city. This exploration program has a route to the waterfalls, pine forests, and craters. Culture of the park, tourists will be escorted to the starting line and began walking through the rice fields, villages, waterfalls lofty waterfall, pine forests, mountains girlfriend, and the red crater. During the trip, tourists can observe the various activities in the township residents or farmers who were planting rice. Although quite tiring, proceed to the red crater on the mountain transmit. This mountain emits light when night. Within this location, there is a hollow land dispense hot water bubbles from the earth. The water from the crater of the red earth contains minerals that can cure certain diseases. In addition, this region also has a hot water bath. You be perceived to bathe in this place to relieve fatigue after running away.

Cisarua Mountain Dairy / cimory

Cimory is the name of the restaurant which is located on the border of Cisarua and Cipayung. Cimory restaurant is very popular among local and foreign travelers. Cimory restaurant not only serves a menu of meat and milk, but also provide a tour around the dairy farm. Dairy tour will teach healthy drinking milk with the milk to the processing plant and cowshed.

Dairy tour was reserved for this group has a purpose for people to drink milk three times a day to keep it healthy. Cimory Dairy Tour begins with a visit dairy farms. Here, you will try to feed the cows with grass provided. Besides taught how to milk, you will also be explained history provided on cimory cows and why must drink milk, and milk benefits for the body.

Travelers also be taught about the process of pasteurization of milk in the Milk Factory. The instructor also explains how to make yogurt. Proceed to the mini theater to watch a brief description process of making milk and fresh milk differences with other milk. After driving around, now is the time travelers cimory served fresh milk and eat foods that have been ordered. Decoration beautiful mountain views from the top will make more have spirit and have quiet mind. To be able to follow the tour, you need to book two weeks in advance, because it only allowed one visit per day. Each tour participant will get a milkshake, milk bottle, welcome drink, and a bottle of yoghurt.

Cimory supermarket located inside the restaurant also provides a variety of foods and beverages that can be taken home, such as sausages, yoghurt, fresh milk, and snacks.

Kampung Pending

The village is situated in the village Cimande. Rural atmosphere is still very pronounced here because the place is surrounded by rice fields, rivers Cisadane, and mixed farms Cimande. Activities that can be done in the village along the route Pending such as environmental education, organic brave, treasure hunt, recycling bins, outbound activity, Cisadane rafting, and playing paintball. All these activities will be guided by a skilled facilitator.

These environmental education activities that go as far as one kilometer from the village and the forest along the secretariat to the location. Although far, travelers during the trip will not be bored because it will be given a description of the plants that grow around such type of plants that can be eaten if they have to survive in the woods and plants that should not be eaten. This information is quite important when you are often an adventure in the woods.

After passing through the village, the guide will explain about the social and cultural life of the community surrounding villages. In villages along the way too many durian trees. When they reached the river, you will explain how the process of distillation of water. In addition to seeing the beauty of nature and culture, you will also be taught the practical skills of the environmental process. You will be taught creations create new items with scrap materials such as paper, plastic, and fabric. In addition, you can also observe and examine the living creatures in the river. Travelers also be taught how to garden with a system that is a mixture of Indonesian agricultural technology.

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