Enjoy a Private Beach in Kuta, Lombok

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Kuta_Lombok_Mawun_BeachEarly last year, my husband and that i had the chance out to honeymooners out to thousand island thousand island mosque-neighbors the famous temple. yes, i finally managed out to step foot inside the island of lombok, west nusa tenggara, of course this point i write this island within the whole bucket list that i actually have.

Thus far i understand lombok for 2 reasons. initial, just like a culinary enthusiast, who had never been aware of lombok typical dishes, chicken taliwang, spicy however terribly tasty, it’s equipped plecing contemporary spinach ? dishes are typical menu lombok is famous throughout indonesia.

The second factor that makes me understand this is often lombok gili trawangan, a dyke ( tiny island ) within the whole north west lombok island uses a lovely beach with sand nan super sleek and therefore the color of turquoise water. really there’s another earthen dike that would be not less lovely scattered along the island of lombok, however gili trawangan is one of the on your largest plus has one of the complete facilities.

Though, not solely culinary lombok and gili trawangan that leaves a pleasant memory for my honeymoon there. there’s another place, a place that might well be same out to be treasure hidden island of lombok. the name is kuta beach. yes, kuta inside the island of lombok.

Kuta beach is located within the village of kuta is located not removed from the lombok international airport, the new airport is located in praya, that replaces the previous airport located in mataram. this beach is simply regarding 20-30 minutes by taxi direct from airport praya a clean and modern feel it.

For accommodation, quite a great deal of lodging facilities located close to the kuta beach. from easy cottages to firmly five-star hotels, please chosen that fits the ammount you can to spend. in distinction to firmly kuta in bali is amazingly dense and industrial, of one’s kuta beach is such as a stunning princess who will be terribly keep. despite having a really stunning view-it was additional stunning than its twin side-shore island is relatively terribly quiet. when my husband and that i visited there, there have been merely 2 different diners and a few sellers trinkets fro lombok usually provide t-shirts or songket sasak.

Water color on kuta beach would possibly not much like the bluish inexperienced within the gili islands. but, this beach has got a distinctive brownish white sand which are spherical regarding the dimensions of peppercorns. -amused rather amused when stepped on with vacant feet. the waves were rolling relatively quiet. however i feel the most advantage kuta beach that helps it be extraordinary, could well really do the field surrounded by cliffs and inexperienced hills. given by a sure angle, this beach as if trapped via the hills that helps it be look such as a lake. its stunning.

Imagine, it might possibly be fun to firmly pay time relaxing nap whereas reading the novel and therefore the occasional splash around within the scenic beaches nevertheless nearly uninhabited. very much like the private beach.

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