Dream Travel Destinations in Indonesia

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mount-rinjaniMany tourists who come to Indonesia and said they had been up in Heaven. This is such a beautiful country. Only in Indonesia, you can travel to a thousands of exotic island, hundreds of favorite tourist destinations, hundreds of unique traditional culture, and millions acres of spectacular region is ready to pamper the eyes of tourists from around the world. Friendly society and a conducive political climate also a contributing factor to many foreign travelers visiting this paradise in Southeast Asia. Here are some of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, you should visit, you will surely admire the natural beauty here.

Menjangan Bali Barat National Park

If you often travel to Bali, maybe you just know Kuta, Sanur, Denpasar, Nusa Dua, and Batur Only. Many tourists who feel bored when visiting Bali with only a few beaches that course. But you make no mistake, the island is also broad enough to save some of the places of beauty that few people know. Menjangan Bali Barat National Park is one of the tourist destinations are still natural and not many people know.

Menjangan Bali Barat National Park provide a blend of unspoiled forests protected coastal and marine charm also extraordinary. The sea water is still clear and fresh will make you want to immediately snorkeling and diving here.

Mount Rinjani in Lombok

The beauty and silence of the mountain which is located on the island of Lombok is definitely going to make the mountain climber who visited this will be longing to come back here. Mount Rinjani is a popular tourist destination that show off the natural beauty that is very spectacular in Indonesia. The tourists will be curious to explore this mountain when seen from a distance the mountain peaks. The beauty of Mount Rinjani is often used as the popular target image capture by many world photographers because the scenery was gorgeous.

To be able to climb Mount Rinjani, you need to prepare a variety of climbing equipment and planning are quite mature. Fairly difficult climbing terrain can be a barrier for novice climbers. You need to prepare personnel and mentally in order to successfully reach the highest point of the mountain that became an icon of tourism this chili.

Around hills and mountains are impassable during the ascent, you will be given extraordinary exotic scenery. In addition, a collection of Edelweiss flowers growing around the mountain is also more exciting enlivened traveled on this mountain. If you reached the top of the mountain in the morning, you can enjoy Golden Sunrise from the summit of Rinjani that you will not forget.

Tanjung Puting National Park

If you like extreme adventures, Indonesia is a haven for adrenaline junkies. Tanjung Puting National Park is located in Central Kalimantan peninsula. This National Park is an Orang Utan Conservation Areas Largest inhabited by about 40,000 Orang Utan. Orangutan populations in the National Park is spread over a broad variety of areas with 415 040 hectares.

You must down the path along the river Sekonyer to be able to get to this area. The river is very dangerous because it is inhabited by many crocodiles are still on the prowl during the day. If you are afraid to walk away, Small Ship heading to the National Park are also available and can carry 12 people. Ship speed is not fast so that you can see a wide variety of wild animals in the river and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Wasur National Parks in Merauke, Papua

Papua is a region in Indonesia that is still keeping secret charm of stunning beauty. Many travelers do not know this heaven in the southwest Pacific. When you get bored with the beach and mountains, you can try visiting Wasur National Park located in the easternmost part of Indonesia, Merauke. Wasur National Park has the largest wetland and is still very natural. Travelers can find a house ants with a height of 4 meters which may only be found in Merauke.

This tourist destination is still little known among foreign and local tourists. Tourism promotion and information regarding the area is very less. You need to be there if you want to get a local guide that helps you to explore the land of Papua. Wasur National Park also has many small lakes and wild lotus flower. It is suitable if you belonged to travelers who do not like the tourist crowds.

Gili Nanggu Island

Back to Lombok, Gili When you hear a definitely will remember to Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan is very famous among tourists. If you are bored with the sights only that, Try to visit Gili Nanggu which belong to the private area and very quiet. Here you will not find much activity except for a few tourists who play on the beach.

This small island exotic beach beauty store and no less when compared to other existing dyke in Lombok. Some coastal and small islands that surround the Gili also kept the charm of natural splendor of the sea. No need to linger to get to the island located in West Lombok.

Raja Ampat in Papua

Raja Ampat is one of the tourist destinations that are very popular among local and foreign tourists today. Promotion of Tourism tourists chatter was able to make this island as the first tourist destination in various local television and internet media. Maybe you are wondering why Raja Ampat Papua has always been a pioneer of tourism. The answer to this question is because the Raja Ampat Islands located in the coral triangle region of the world. World Biodiversity Center is located in the Coral Triangle region of this world.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat Islands, tourists can also see a pretty unique local culture. However, Many tourists who come to the Raja Ampat Islands for diving and snorkeling while enjoying the underwater paradise that you can not find anywhere in the world.

In addition to the Raja Ampat region of Indonesia, World Coral Triangle covers up to Wakatobi, Derawan Island, and the island of Komodo. You will not run out of a sense of awe when visiting tourist destinations around the bottom of the sea in Indonesia. Indonesia is the best place for underwater activities and beautiful places to see the sights of the mainland.

Maeva Beach Maluku

Manusela National Park is one of the Most Beautiful National Parks in Indonesia. Natural scenery in this place is very nice and very well maintained. The view from the large hill and valley Manusela Makele very suitable for photography object. Activities that you can do here such as rock climbing, observing wild animals and plants, as well as an adventure exploring the woods. If you are lover of the beauty beneath the sea, Manusela National Park is a haven for them.

You will see a collection of coral that looks Ora Beach pier. Extent Manusela National Park covers about 20% of the island of Seram, Binaya Mountain Region which is the Highest Mountain in Maluku is an area that is suitable for extreme adventurers because here you will pass through a very steep slope and valley deep enough. Fishing boats available to take you down the side of the valley while enjoying panoramic beautiful of Manusela Valley.

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