Bangka Island Travel Guide

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Teluk_Uber_Beach_Bangka_IslandBangka Island is one tourist destination that is located on the coast of Sumatra. Formerly, The island is the largest producer of tin in Sumatra. Because the mining of tin is starting a little, Bangka Island government began to develop tourism as an asset of the government’s financial inclusion. Bangka Island has a charm of beach tourism that will not make your eyes blink unless exposed to winds from the sand beach. Beach with white sand and great coral is scenery that you will find on the island of Bangka.

One of the famous exotic beaches in Bangka Island is Beach Leaf. Views of white sand beaches combined with a complementary Fir Tree Wind played more and add a festive cheer on the seafront. In addition to beautiful beaches, is characteristic leafy Beach has a large stone covered by leafy trees. You need to travel along the 135 km of Pangkalpinang.

If you stay in Pangkalpinang and do not want to get too far looking for beautiful beaches, Try just visited Penyusuk beach. beach which is just 30 miles from this Pangkalpinang has a coastline of approximately 3 km. Long enough to be enjoyed while sunbathing on the white sand interspersed with palm trees and wide. Penyusuk Beach is known by locals as the beach paradise.

In addition to the above two beaches, there are dozens of beaches available in Bangka and Belitung to be enjoyed. It is impossible to visit all the beaches in Bangka and Belitung in just one day. In addition, historical sights and landmarks are also no less exciting. In Pangkalpinang, you can visit the Museum of Lead and complex to mourn the Dutch Cemetery.

In addition to historical tours, you can also see some of the landmarks of Bangka Island is not be missed. Yoni and Linga like Stone or Limestone City site is located in the village of Mendo West Limestone City. Approximately 50 miles from Pangkalpinang. Lighthouse located in Tanjung Kelian Muntok beach also often becomes a popular tourist destination among tourists. Because of the above Lighthouse, you will see the whole beach area is exotic and challenging.

If you are foreign tourists who are not familiar with transportation in Indonesia, you can visit Jakarta first. Transportation from Jakarta to Bangka Island is not difficult, even very easy for foreign tourists and novice traveler. Many are available for flights from Jakarta to Kuala Pinang with ticket prices around Rp.500.000 to Rp.1.000.000. It is not recommended to travel to Bangka Island during chinese new year. Because the flight to the island of Bangka be very solid by ethnic Chinese who returned to Bangka Island to celebrate the Chinese New Year’s Day;

You also do not need to be confused to find hotel accommodation on the island of Bangka. There are dozens of hotels, resorts, cottages, and hostels are available here. Cheap Lodging is also widely available around the city center of Pangkalpinang. Public transport on the island of Bangka is still quite difficult to find. You are advised to rent a car or motorcycle when not familiar with the local area. Bangka Island weather is very hot because it is located in the tropics. Travelers need to bring sunblock and sunglasses when walking around town.

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