Ding Dang Singapore Concert 2013

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For fans of chinese music, be trained to witness a surprising solo concert in early january. return and then judge the appearance of 1 on your singers in taiwan, ding dang that could entertain all the folks that came to actually hear his voice and then judge his performance. a beautiful girl who’s generally known as a singer who sings songs of romance drama. the mellow and melodious voice along in each and every song that he sang to take anyone who heard drifting directly into story line. we are able to actually feel sadness or happiness to listen to, though not concerned within the whole drama.

Ding dang della, whose real name is chinese mainland female singer who developed careers in taiwan alone. women born in zhejiang province, 17 april 1982 left home at 18 to actually seek opportunities to actually turn into a singer by singing with bands in several bars. he was selected by rock records ( taiwans famous record company, established in 1980 ) became knowledgeable singer in 2003. and in 2006, he became a member on your companys music bin ( alternative famous record company that was established within the whole year 2006 ) when auditions in eight seconds. he released his initial album in 2007 and also has released 5 albums to actually date. as a result of singing skills, he’s highly respected each in china and taiwan. apart from dance music or love songs, she will sing fine simply. in 2009, the famous song i really like him to become winner within the whole taiwan ktv year-on-demand title.

Coming into the new year, the singapore indoor stadium can contain ding dang loyal fans who love to listen to the golden voice and incredible stage action on january 5, 2013 via a concert titled love concert ding dang. ding dang vocal power and interpretation on your songs can attract the audience closer in the story line on your play. he’s going to entertain all the folks that came up when using the song titles heartwarming love anyone who listened. the songs in this 30-year-old girl was telling events in everyday life that create his songs touched listeners in it. the price of admission concert that took place at 20. 00 this vary from $ 28. 00 up to actually $ 168. 00.

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