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Photo : Erin Nikitchyuk/Wikimedia
Photo : Erin Nikitchyuk/Wikimedia

Places to eat in St. Petersburg as in Moscow are quite varied. Ranging from typical Russian Restaurant, such as Yolki Palki, MY MY, and Grabli or typical Russian fast food such as Kartoshka and Teremok also available. There is also an Italian restaurant, American fastfood, or Japanese, like Rostick, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s. The taste and the price depends on what you want.

Want to eat fast and cheap with typical Russian menu, you can try kartoshka, which is heated potato cheese mixed with a variety of salad, very tasty. You only need to pay 175 rubles course includes strawberry-flavored milk shake or a banana. Price is relatively similar when compared to eating at McDonald’s with menu fries, big burger and a glass of Coca Cola.

For those of you most of asian people who must always eat rice, you can try to find a turkey fastfood kebabs. In addition to selling kebabs or syawarma, usually these shops also sell rice plof, a kind of fried rice mixed with meat and vegetables. Eat your fill here is almost the same as in fastfood from America. Usually the typical Turkish food is often referred to as halal food. However, not a few who sell pork, so if you are a Muslim, you have many questions when it comes to kosher food.

Want to eat well which is even cheaper, you can buy a half roast chicken with bread that is sold around 130 rubles. For the size of the asian stomach in general, these foods can be eaten twice. Want to eat well are less expensive than roast chicken before, in Russia, famous cheapest food is the typical Russian bread sold in the shop is in all places. The price of bread is around 15 rubles. Filling and cheap for poor backpacker.

Not having enough time and are already depleted pockets when you want to taste Russian cuisine? Do not worry, because there is also a Russian fastfood restaurant with buffet models. Travelers simply choose the food available and the price is written on every food served so relatively quickly and accountable. Russian Model buffet restaurant fast food like this can be found in the My My and Grabli. So the food is actually not a constraint for the pretty tourist town in St. Petersburg.

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