Celebrating New Year in Korean Style

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Need to celebrate the new year in the common approach or modern ? seoul, the capital of south korea, happens to be the right alternative.

Within the whole city of k-pop, the new year is a short time that awaited the young individuals. here are a handful of traditions of recent year celebrations in seoul, as reported by cnn :

See The First Sunrise

In seoul, one of the necessary time of one’s year not counting the seconds in the midst of one’s night, other then watching the very first few sunrise of one’s new year. this ritual is termed homigot sun festival, that annually held in pohang beach, the easternmost tip of south korea.

The festival includes cultural performances, fireworks at night, additionally serving ancient rice soup when seeing the sunrise.

Bells of New Year

For the flip of midnight, a resident of seoul sometimes watch bongishak tradition traditions ring the bell. at the exact time, fireworks within the whole sky, and residents who are ringing the bell accompaniment of cheering voters.

Kpop New Year Concert

across the town have memersiapkan stages for concerts of one’s year. the concert of one’s year is typically divided into 3 totally different stage with 3 several types of music.

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