CEATEC The Japan Largest Electronics Annual Event

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Throughout this point of sakura japanese famous along with the development of the well-established technology. well, to actually any expand your horizons peengetahuan questioning japans technological development might possibly be nice to actually visit the exhibition titled combined exhibiton of advamced technologies ( ceatec ) that will be the largest exhibition and regular in japan and even asia.

This annual exhibition held in chiba and that is geographically adjacent to actually tokyo thus usually that several are calling the prestigious event was held in tokyo. traditionally, it is around since the ceatec 1964 exhibition official-though this has actually been around since 2000. ceatec could be a combination of 2 vital events in japan, namely japan and of course the japan electronis com show. the most objective is to actually its implementation being a means that to actually introduce share product, service and of course the latest technologies developed from the company.

Whereas different goals is to actually build a rapid network and gather data and invite the audience to actually strive a kind of technologies. this event, in praxis usually followed by massive vendors an example would be toyota, sharo, mitsubishi and sony. time alone its implementation in late september and early october were typically held for 5 days. typically within the whole initial day no more than those who will be invited and who have registered online are allowed straight into the venue. after that free and open to actually the general public.

In every implementation is divided into many zones standard like home & personal, business and society, special exhibition, and device, materials and element. however zones are then reduced to actually a lifestyle & society stage, key stage technologies, and of course the ict suite / electronics suite. zone lifestyle & society stage could be a combination of zone home & personal zone and business & society zone, and have become the largest within the whole event zone is in makuhari messe ini. ceatec 2-1 nakase, mihamaku, chiba japan.

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