Best Reasons that You Should Visit Norway

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Frogner_Park_and_the_Sculptures_-_Vigeland_Park,_OsloHere are a few reasons that make you have to visit Norway.

Home of Peace Nobel

Nobel Peace Prize every year take place in Oslo Norway increasingly confirmed as one of the countries that play a role in world peace. Since 1904 has stood Det Norkse Nobelinstitutt who assist to choose Norwegian Nobel Committee Nobel Peace Prize recipient and as an annual event organizer laureates in Oslo. The institute library has 180,000 volumes relating to peace and international relations. Efforts to create peace in the world also continue, such as the Norwegian government as an architect of peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel for the first time through the Oslo Conference in 1993.

Amazing natural of Fyord

Been to Norway was not able to be separated by adventures in the wild. Fjord or sea that extends far inland to be one of the attractions of this country. Natural contours filled with forests, hills, lakes, mountains, cliffs, glaciers, and of course the vast stretches of ocean that makes the natural beauty of Norway no doubt. Geirangerfjord famous waterfalls seven children have been named as UNESCO World Heritage. Nordfjord is famous for the beauty of the sea and the surface of the crystal -clear water that can cause a reflection sights on it. Meanwhile, the longest fjord Sognefjord known as in Europe and second longest in the world.

Hiking into the mountains or steep cliff is one way to enjoy nature Norway. The most popular place to climb is Puplit Rock or Preikestolen in Stavenger with a height of 604 meters above sea level. Another option is the Molden Mountains in Bergen which has views to the main Sognefjord, and Geirangerfjord in Omesvinger which is a place with a waterfall of seven siblings can be directly viewed.

Viking Story

Spread of Christianity in Norway can not be separated from the history of Norway during the reign of the Vikings. Viking leader, Harald Harfagre, is a person who plays a role in uniting Norway around the year 900. Viking king, Olav, adopted the religion of the place occupied and make all the inhabitants embraced Christianity a century later. Until now there are some cathedral that contains the history of the spread of Christianity and made ​​the city of Trondheim as an important place of pilgrimage in the Scandinavian region.

The occupation by the Vikings left many traces in Norway not only in the form of a cathedral, but also the cultural and historical heritage. Norwegian residents still maintain the tradition of wearing a traditional Norwegian costume is bunad in weddings and festivals. Folk dances, legends, and songs that talk about the Vikings is also popular in the local population.

Troll Legend

In the story of Norwegian folk tales, trolls are supernatural creatures in the form of a very strong, big, and ugly. I was so big, the earth shook when setting foot Troll. When angry, troll can toss a large tree further up the sky. Some trolls are described as having the head, the other is described as having three, six, or nine heads. No one knows their age, not least the very advanced age so that their heads covered with grass.

Troll, according to belief, living in the mountains or in the darkness of the forest. Though strong and very big body, very stupid troll known as the whole story of Troll in the end he was defeated by the man who managed to persuade the Troll to get out and exposed to sunlight that makes trolls into stone. In Norway over the big rocks are often found in the mountains or forests that resemble the shape of Troll.

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