Where Fasting’s a Breeze: Cities with the Shortest Ramadan Hours

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Not all places fast the same during Ramadan. Some cities clock in at less than 13 hours of fasting each day. Check out these chill spots with the shortest fasting hours:

Christchurch, New Zealand: 12 hours 46 minutes

Christchurch, known for its parks and churches, hangs out on New Zealand’s South Island. With autumn kicking in during Ramadan, fasting doesn’t last long here either.

Puerto Montt, Chile: 12 hours 44 minutes

Down in Chile’s Los Lagos region, Puerto Montt sits pretty on the Pacific coast. Thanks to its autumn vibes during Ramadan, fasting hours here are some of the shortest worldwide.

Indonesia: About 13 Hours

Good ol’ Indonesia joins the crew with fasting times around 13 hours. Being close to the equator keeps things short and sweet, just like in Nairobi.

Nairobi, Kenya: 13 hours 15 minutes

Over in East Africa, Nairobi’s the bustling capital of Kenya. Tropical vibes mean the day and night are pretty balanced, resulting in moderate fasting hours.

Even though fasting hours vary, the Ramadan spirit stays strong everywhere.

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