Check Your Ride: App That Shows You Your Plane Type!

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In today’s travel game, knowing what bird you’re boarding is key. Enter a flight booking app that lets you peek at the plane you’ll be catching.

According to the New York Post, there’s this nifty platform called ‘Alternative Airlines.’ It’s your go-to when you wanna scope out routes and airlines, all while avoiding any pesky aircraft problems.

This app swooped in because travelers are getting pickier about their flights, especially with recent plane hiccups.

Take, for instance, the Boeing 737 MAX 9. It had a bit of a design oopsie when a cabin window decided to blow mid-flight during an Alaska Airlines trip last January. Turns out, there were some loose screws and Boeing had some management hiccups.

And then, just this Monday (11/3), a LATAM Airlines flight from Sydney to Auckland had a bit of a freefall moment, leaving around 50 passengers and crew a bit banged up. Some even got a surprise ceiling tour!

Not to mention, a Boeing 737-800 had its panel go missing mid-flight from San Francisco to Oregon last Friday (15/3). Talk about vanishing acts!

This app’s here to make your travel life easier by letting you pick flights based on aircraft type. So, before you hop on board, give your plane a quick check and fly with peace of mind!

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