Want to Feel a Little Wobbly? Try This Extreme Staircase

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If you’re looking for a thrill that might make your legs tremble a bit, check out this floating staircase on the edge of a cliff in Norway.

According to CNN on Friday (June 7, 2024), Norway has a new floating staircase. The creators promise spectacular views and an unforgettable experience.

The 40-meter-long staircase, called “Stigull,” hangs about 790 meters above the Norwegian fjord in the small village of Loen, in the northwest of the country.

This might make most people’s legs a bit shaky. Seen from the Gjølmunne suspension bridge near Loen, it looks like people are floating in the air.

Helge Bø is the operations manager at Loen Active, the company behind this tourist attraction and several other outdoor activities based around Loen, a village in the heart of the Nordfjord region known for its stunning landscapes.

The 120-step staircase is an addition to the adrenaline-pumping facilities in Loen, part of the via ferrata climbing route in the village.

Via ferrata is a term used to describe mountain climbing routes using steel cables and ladders attached to the rock walls to assist climbers.

The Loen Stigull staircase, with its 45-degree angle, is only accessible to climbers who have already hiked part of the via ferrata route towards the summit of Loen’s Mount Hoven. This means you’re already at a considerable height when you start climbing the stairs.

The Loen Stigull staircase promises views that are worth the climb. Imagine sparkling blue waters framed by mountains and clouds.

And when you reach the top of Mount Hoven, you’ll not only be rewarded with even more stunning views but also a restaurant to enjoy a meal and a cable car that will take you back down in five minutes.

Helge Bø, who oversaw the construction of the staircase by the Austrian company HZI, hopes the staircase will become the summer 2024 attraction in the Nordfjord region.

Visitors have the option to climb the Via Ferrata Loen with or without a guide, depending on their level of experience. Guided climbs start at USD 160 for adults. Children over 12 years old can also join the guided tour for USD 145.

Visitors can also book other activities, including kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and ziplining on Mount Hoven. For those climbing the via ferrata route, several measures are in place to ensure the safety of the climbers.

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