Vacation to Nasjonal Galleriet or The National Gallery

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Nasjonalgalleriet_osloTravelers often times does not understand about art and always skeptical when going to visit the museum that displays a variety of art objects such as sculptures, carvings, and paintings as their main exhibit. Useless, they are only capable of staring at the art without knowing what the meaning contained. However, the Oslo National Gallery has opened free to the public every day of the week and lost to pass up. Anything that happens between the tourist and the art in the later museum at least be enjoyed as one of the free attractions that are provided by this expensive city.

The National Gallery is located around the street Karl Johans Gate so it is not difficult to find a big building colored by red. The National Gallery building located between two major roads. This building looks so majestic and classic, hopefully art collection inside is not too difficult to be digested by the brain tourists like you who do not understand art.

Besides being free, another reason many tourists who come to The National Gallery is due to some works of Edvard Munch paintings go on display here. Edvard Munch is one of the pride of the Norwegian painter and his work is widely used in several places central in Oslo. Munch has a named Munch Museet museum dedicated to him and save even more personal collection of paintings, but the ticket price to get into the Munch Museet quite expensive. Although not able to come to the Munch Museet, at least you can see the works of Munch that can be accessed for free at The National Gallery.

The National Gallery is not just a collection of paintings, sculptures, and drawings artist from Norway. Some works of famous artists from France, Sweden, and Denmark go on display there. Just mention the name of Claude Monet, Harriet Backer, Hans Gude, J. C. Dahl, Adolph Tidemand, or Vincent Van Gogh, painting them can be easily found there.

Each painting in the National Gallery are separated into several rooms in accordance with a particular theme. Security guard pretty tight and you can easily find one or two officers when entered into a different room. All paintings are equipped with alarm sensors, so do not try to touch or hold a picture frame that would not make a noise and suddenly the center of attention. Munch has a private room to accommodate all of the work himself. The room has become the main magnet of The National Gallery for every visitor taking the time to stop by and see first hand the work of Munch. Some of the famous Munch paintings like Madonna, The Scream, Puberty, The Sick Child, and The Dance of Life can be seen in the room. Although knowledge of Munch shallow as knowledge of the art, there is something of the way Munch painting that brings tourists are encouraged to learn the meaning of each of these paintings. Not surprisingly, it turns out Munch is a painter with a stream of expressionism that feeling Munch pour into a painting can be conveyed to the audience of the work of Munch.

From the Munch room, you can move to another room which contains the natural scenic beauty of Norway. The majority of paintings depict fjords, cliffs, forests, snow, hills, and mountains in bright colors to dark. One tourist favorite painting I isalah Brudeferden or Bridal Voyage in Hardanger made by Hans Gude and Adolph Tidemand. The painting uses streams romance and show the natural beauty of Norway, so this painting earned National Romanticism. If you see a painting like that, you definitely will directly challenged to explore the wild beauty of Norway and enjoy the scenery.

Another room is usually visited by tourists damned typically combine several paintings in one major theme, for example, the story in the Bible, paintings depicting the story of the gods, even abstract painting. You would be surprised as he ended a visit at The National Gallery. You will feel quite happy to enjoy all the paintings. Your eyes will be pampered with a brush and a touch of color play the famous painter. Explanation installed in any room or next to the painting also helps to better understand the meaning of the painting.

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