Safety Hacks : What’s the Deal with Tossing a Bottle Under the Hotel Bed?

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Check this out! So, when you’re crashing at hotels, safety’s a biggie, right? You wanna make sure everything’s chill and secure. Well, here’s a flight attendant, Esther, from KLM, who’s always on the move and has some quirky tips to share, especially about hotel safety.

Esther’s got this funky hack – tossing a water bottle under the bed. Sounds random, but it’s a move to check if anyone’s hiding down there without you having to peek. I mean, who wants to bend down and look under the bed, right?

See, she’s onto something ’cause hotels can sometimes attract unwanted visitors, especially on the ground floor. So, she’s like, toss the bottle under the bed, and if it doesn’t roll out, well, you might have someone lurking in the shadows.

In her video, Esther drops other cool tricks too, like where to put your toothbrush, ironing wrinkled shirts, and even using a glass to crank up your phone’s volume. It’s all about staying sharp and safe, especially when you’re on the road. So, next time you’re hotel-hopping, don’t forget to give these unconventional tips a spin!

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