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Israel, a nation known for its historical significance in the world, is not just about religious pilgrimages and wars but is also home to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The country’s diverse landscape, its position as a global hub for innovation and technology, and its strong strategic partnerships with other countries have all contributed to its growing economic power. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the business sector in Israel and the opportunities it offers to businessmen worldwide.

A Diverse and Vibrant Economy

Israel’s economy is characterized by a diverse range of industries, from agriculture and manufacturing to technology and tourism. While the country’s economy initially depended on its agriculture sector and raw diamond trading, it has now shifted towards knowledge-based industries such as high-tech, medtech, and biotechnology. Israel’s technology sector is among the most successful in the world, with companies like Intel, Microsoft, and Google all having research and development centers in the country. Moreover, the country’s location as a gateway between Europe, Asia, and Africa has made it a hub for international trade, with an established, world-renowned port in Haifa.

A Strategic Business Environment

Israel boasts a dynamic business environment that is supported by several pro-business policies and initiatives. The country’s government has been committed to creating a favorable environment for businesses to grow and expand. This includes providing tax incentives, grants, and funding opportunities for startup companies. With a strong intellectual property regime, a highly skilled workforce, and a business-friendly regulatory environment, entrepreneurs and investors are encouraged to set up shop in Israel and tap into the vast opportunities available. As a result, Israel has become a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, with more startups per capita than any other country in the world.

A Thriving Startup Ecosystem

Israel’s startup ecosystem is one of the most robust and dynamic in the world. With over 7,000 startups, the country is termed as the ‘Startup Nation.’ The ecosystem is supported by a range of factors, including a strong entrepreneurial culture, world-class research institutions, access to capital, and a supportive regulatory environment. As a result, Israel has produced several globally recognized startups, including Waze, Mobileye, and Teva Pharmaceuticals, among others. Moreover, the country has produced over 30 unicorns, startups valued at over $1 billion, making it one of the most attractive hubs for investors worldwide.

A Gateway to International Markets

Israel’s strategic location and strong partnerships with other countries provide a gateway for businesses to access new and emerging markets globally. The country’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with the US, the EU, Canada, India and South Korea provide privileged access to billions of customers around the world. Additionally, Israel has strong diplomatic relationships with other countries in the Middle East, creating further opportunities for business collaborations and partnerships.

Investment Opportunities

With a range of business sectors and support mechanisms in place, investing in Israel presents several opportunities for investors worldwide. From investment in startups to investment in established industries, the country’s business environment offers both high returns and diversification. Moreover, the government provides several incentives to encourage foreign investment, including tax breaks, grants, and low-interest loans.

Here is 5 biggest market cap company in Israel


NICE Ltd is an Israeli multinational enterprise software company. It specializes in providing solutions for analytics, customer experience management, and financial crime prevention.

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NICE offers a wide range of products and services to businesses across various industries, including banking, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, and public safety. The company’s solutions help organizations enhance their operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with regulations.


LEUMI is the oldest and largest commercial banking groups in Israel that provides a comprehensive range of financial services to individuals, businesses, and institutions.

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Leumi offers various banking products and services, including savings accounts, current accounts, loans, credit cards, investment services, trade finance, and corporate banking solutions. The bank operates a network of branches throughout Israel and also has international operations and subsidiaries.


Bank Hapoalim is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of financial services in Israel to individuals, businesses, and institutions.

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Poalim offers various banking products and services, including savings accounts, current accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, investment services, and corporate banking solutions.


Mizrahi Tefahot has established itself as a leading financial institution in Israel. The bank operates an extensive network of branches throughout the country, serving customers with personalized attention and a focus on customer satisfaction.

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Mizrahi Tefahot is known for its strong financial stability, conservative risk management approach, and commitment to providing innovative banking solutions.


ELBIT SYSTEMS specializes in developing and manufacturing a wide range of defense systems, products, and solutions for armed forces and security organizations worldwide. Elbit Systems focuses on providing innovative and cutting-edge technologies to enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of military operations.

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The company’s portfolio includes various defense products and solutions across land, air, naval, and cyber domains. This includes advanced military communication systems, intelligence and surveillance solutions, unmanned systems, electronic warfare systems, airborne systems, armored vehicles, and more. Elbit Systems also offers training and simulation services, as well as cybersecurity solutions to protect critical infrastructure.

Another business in Israel

  • Household And Personal Care : Sano, Primotec Group Ltd, Albaad.
  • Biotechnology : Matricelf Ltd, Nrgene Techs Ltd, Silver Castle.
  • Air Freight And Couriers : Gold, Maman, Orian, Etga Group Ltd.
  • Specialty Telecommunications : Gilat Telecom.
  • Specialty Stores : Multi Retail Group.
  • Motor Vehicles : Fms.
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals : Teva.
  • Real Estate Development : Azrieli Group, Melisron, Mivne, Airport City, Gav-yam Lands Corp, Alony Hetz, Afi Properties, Dimri, Isras, Alrov Propert, Brack Capit N V, Summit, Equital, Blue Sq Real Es, Electra Real E., G City Ltd, Africa Residenc, Kvutzat Acro Ltd, Ies, Propert & Buil, Land Dev, Levinstein Eng, Vitania, Argo Properties Nv, Hiron, Lahav, Ari Real Estate (A, Hagag, Adgar Inv., Norstar, Bonei Tichon, Zmh, Aspen Group, Ild Renewal, Hagag Europe Devel, Mishorim, Maslavi, Medipower 0.1$, Ybox, Canada Global, Libental, Polygon, Av-gad Holdings, Ravad, Levinski Ofer, Elbit Imaging Ltd, Beeio Honey Ltd, Panaxia Israel, Sufrin Hldgs Ltd, Dorsel Holdings Lt.
  • Broadcasting : Space Com.
  • Medical And Nursing Services : Bait Bakfar Ltd, Golden House.
  • Airlines : El Al.
  • Agricultural Chemicals : Icl, Israel Corp, Grace Breeding Ltd.
  • Other Metals And Minerals : Nala Digital Comme, Rotem Energy Miner.
  • Major Diversified Food : Nextferm Technology.
  • Hospital And Nursing Management : Danel.
  • Industrial Specialties : Inrom Const, Peninsula Group, Nur Ink Innovation.
  • Specialty Chemicals : Paz Oil, Polyram Plastic In, Kafrit, Ram On.
  • Other Pharmaceuticals : Seach Medical, Allium Medical, Together, Cannabotech Ltd.
  • Meat And Fish And Dairy Food : Strauss Group, Turpaz Industries, Top Gum Industries, Shemen Industry, Zanlakol, Angel Salomon, Carmit.
  • Computer Communications : Rapac, Fire & Gas Detecti.
  • Wireless Telecommunications : Partner, Cellcom, Opal Balance.
  • Metal Fabrication : Hod.
  • Forest Products : Rav Bariach 08 Ind.
  • Packaged Software : Matrix, Hilan, Magic, Nayax Ltd, Imagesat Inertnati, Pulsenmore Ltd, Abra Tech, Glassbox Ltd, Spring, Pomvom Ltd, Robogroup, Photomyne Ltd, Quicklizard Ltd, Beyon 3d Ltd, Saverone 2014 Ltd, Bubbles Intergroup, Aerodrome Group, Tectona Ltd, Buff Technologies, Razor Labs Ltd, Micronet 0.1, Trucknet Enterpris, Shamaym Improve, Payment Financial, Idomoo Ltd, Propdo Ltd, Userway Ltd..
  • Electronic Components : Inter Indstries.
  • Financial Conglomerates : Lapidoth Cap., Meitav Investments, Mivtach Shamir, Atreyu Cap, Emilia Devel, Menif Financial, S.r Accord, Ispac 1 Ltd, Tera Light Ltd, Carmel Corp Ltd, Zur, Elron, Shoham Business, Almogim, Group Psagot, Gaon, Aluma Infrastructu, Clal Biotech, Eldav, Bareket Capital Lt, Israir Group Ltd, Mia Dynamics Motor, Big Tech 50 R&d Lp, Almeda Ventures Li, Millennium Food-te, Axilion, Merchavia Hold, Medipress Health-l, Unicorn Techs Ltd, Unic-tech Ltd, Feat Fund Investme, Cannassure.
  • Major Banks : Leumi, Poalim, Mizrahi Tefahot, Discount, Fibi Bank, Fibi Holdings, Export Inv.
  • Multi-line Insurance : Phoenix, Harel, Menora Miv Hld, Migdal Insur., Clal Insurance, Idi Insur, Ayalon Hold., Libra Insurance Co.
  • Computer Peripherals : Unitronics.
  • Medical Distributors : Ilex Medical, Novolog.
  • Personnel Services : Tgbr.
  • Electronics And Appliance Stores : Ralco, Brimag.
  • Wholesale Distributors : Retailors Ltd, Delek Automotiv, Carasso Motors Ltd, Scope, Max Stock Ltd., Diplomat Holdings, Globrands, Terminal X Online, Amir Mark., Averbuch, Birman, Schnapp, Aran, Infimer Ltd, Icon Group Ltd.
  • Restaurants : Cofix Group.
  • Investment Managers : More Provident Fun, Buligo Capital Ltd, Analyst, Teuza, Tchnopls Vent, Hadasit Bio, Altshuler Shaham F.
  • Food Retail : Shufersal, Rami Levi, Yochananof, Tiv Taam, Discount Inv, Victory.
  • Environmental Services : Accel.
  • Internet Software And Services : Guideline Group, Automax Motors Ltd, Blender Finance Te.
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts : Amot, Israel Canada, Rani Zim, Migdalor Alternati.
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages : Kerur, Gan Shmuel.
  • Construction Materials : Shapir Eng, Ackerstein Group L.
  • Electronics Distributors : Hiper Global Ltd, Suny Commun, Stg.
  • Integrated Oil : Newmed Energy Ltd, Delek Group, Isramco Negev 2, Ratio Energies Ltd, Navitas Petroleum, Naphtha, Tamar Pet, Givot Olam Oil Exp, Lapidoth-heletz, Modiin Energy Ltd, Ratio Petroleum, Israel Opportunity, Globe Energy Pu.
  • Miscellaneous Commercial Services : Mega Or, G 1 Secu, Bio Meat Foodtech, Amanet, Turbogen Ltd, Mer, Wilk Technologies, Thirdeye Systems L, Goto Ltd, Intelicanna, Glileo Tech, Smart Agro-limited.
  • Department Stores : Hamashbir 365.
  • Regional Banks : Jerusalem.
  • Medical Specialties : Intercure, Sofwave Medical, Icecure Medical, Bonus Biogroup, Brainsway, D.n.a Biomed, Human Xtensions Lt, Bio View, Sonovia Ltd, Endymed, Xtl Bio, Erech Finance, Envizion Medical.
  • Trucking : Veridis Environmen, Fridenson.
  • Electrical Products : Elco, Electreon, Payton, Phinergy Ltd, Gencell Ltd, Aquarius Engines, Zooz Power Ltd, Elspec, Tedea, Augwind, Storage Drop.
  • Electronics And Appliances : Maytronics, Next Vision Stabil, Homebiogas Ltd.
  • Containers And Packaging : Palram, Plastopil Hazorea, Bram Indus, Highcon Systems, Plasto Cargal, Impacx.io Ltd.
  • Trucks And Construction And Farm Machinery : Israel Shipyards, Lachish.
  • Apparel And Footwear : Fox, Delta-galil Ind, Delta Israel Brand, Golf, Castro, Tefron, Brill.
  • Movies And Entertainment : Taya Inv.
  • Finance And Rental And Leasing : Isracard, Direct Finance Of, Nawi, Gama Management, Auto Bank Serv, Jacob Finance And, Gamla Harel, Michlol Finance, M.l.r.n Projects, Global Knafaim, Blitz Technologies, Bull Trading And I, Michman Basad Ltd.
  • Aluminum : Klil.
  • Food Distributors : Neto Malinda, Willy Food, Neto, Bikurey Hasade Hol.
  • Computer Processing Hardware : C-lab Ltd, Ai Systems.
  • Gas Distributors : Electra Power.
  • Information Technology Services : Nice, Formula, One Technologi, Malam Team, Computer Direct, E&m, Top Systems, Utron, Synel, Orad, Alarum Technologie, 3dm Digital Manufa, Speedvalue Ltd, Tondo Smart Ltd.
  • Investment Banks And Brokers : Tase, Ibi Inv House, Ibi Managing, Mydas.
  • Homebuilding : Dnya Cebus, Villar, Azorim, Prashkovsky, Aura, Duniec, Carasso Real Estat, Levinstein Prop, Meditr Tower, Kardan Real Es, Sarfati, Bait Vegag R/est, Karden Israel, Netanel Group, Hanan Mor, Rotem Shani Entrep, Aviv, Decama Capital, Netanel Menivim Lt.
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing : Plasson Indus, Rimoni, Golan Plastic, Mendelson If, Ginegar.
  • Electric Utilities : Opc Energy, Meshek Engy Renewa, Nostromo Energy.
  • Steel : Gaon Group.
  • Textiles : Avgol, Shalag, Spuntech, Nissan.
  • Hotels And Resorts And Cruise Lines : Fattal, Isrotel, Dan Hotels, Skyline, Tarya Isreal Ltd, Queenco.
  • Other Consumer Services : Issta, Holmes Place, Aviation Links, Shagrir.
  • Other Transportation : Overseas, Knafaim.
  • Building Products : Hamat.
  • Oil Refining And Marketing : Bazan, Dor Alon, Israel Petrochemic.
  • Pulp And Paper : Shaniv.
  • Industrial Machinery : Tadiran Holding, Electra Co Pr, Arad, Priortech, Amiad Water System, Brand, Massivit 3d Printi, Ecoppia Scientific, Scodix Ltd, Bladeranger Ltd, Parkomat Internati.
  • Internet Retail : Upsellon Brands.
  • Agricultural Commodities And Milling : Mehadrin, Geffen Residence, Tikun Olam – Cannb.
  • Electronic Production Equipment : Telsys, P.c.b Tec, Cipia Vision Ltd.
  • Industrial Conglomerates : Intergama.
  • Insurance Brokers And Services : Wesure Global Tech.
  • Aerospace And Defense : Elbit Systems, Bet Shemesh, Ashot, Aryt, Imco, Rsl.
  • Engineering And Construction : Big, Electra, Ashtrom Group, Shikun & Binui, Arad Investment, Shikun & Binui Ene, Rimon Consulting &, Luzon Group, Oron Group, Rotshtein, Elmor, Baran, Ludan, Lesico, Nextcom, Brenmiller, Wind Buzz Technol, Kardan Nv.
  • Alternative Power Generation : Enlight Energy, Energix, O.y. Nofar Energy, Doral Gp Renewable, Apollo Power, Econergy Renewable, Solegreen, Sunflower, Prime Energy P.e., Zephyrus Wing Ener, Solaer Renewable.
  • Major Telecommunications : Bezeq, B Communication.
  • Major Pharmaceuticals : Bioline Rx, Rekah, Purple Biotech, Can Fite Bio, Kadimastem, Nextgen Biomed Ltd, Epitomee Medical L.
  • Telecommunications Equipment : Orbit.
  • Oem Auto Parts : Raval, Tgi Infrastructure, Foresight.
  • Electronic Equipment And Instruments : Afcon Hold, Qualitau, O.r.t..

The business sector in Israel is growing and offering numerous opportunities for businessmen worldwide. With a diverse and vibrant economy, a supportive business environment, a thriving startup ecosystem, access to international markets, and several investment opportunities, Israel is the place to be for high-growth businesses. As the country’s economy continues its upward trajectory, it is clear that Israel’s business sector is one of the important cogs in the wheel of its overall success.

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