Traditional Culinary Travel in Bali

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lawar babi gulingVacationing is not just a feast for the eyes and body for all. The tongue also ask pampered. While on vacation, you should prepare a culinary tour as well as an integral part of the plan to indulge. In vacation place, let alone a stranger, finding food is not just about taste, price, and availability, but also about what we can and can not eat.

In Bali, there are many restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisines, from the simple to the extravagant, from cheap to expensive. Everything can offer appetizing flavor. To attract buyers many stalls, eating house, or restaurant, they often put labels of Balinese food.

Here are some traditional food recipes in Bali.


This is a typical Balinese food. And food is increasingly easy to find in restaurant around Bali. Currently, than used as part of the dish and main dish during balinese traditional ceremonies, lawar sold by restaurants and food center.

Lawar is a chopped vegetables and flavored with shrimp is mixed with spices. In some village, we can find various types of lawar. There are lawar jackfruit, beans, lawar with starfruit leaves, young papaya lawar, coconut lawar. So it really is basic of lawar is vegetable, not meat. The most popular vegetables are used lawar is young jackfruit and beans.

Then, add some flavor and delicacy, lawar be minced with meat. Usually like ducks, chickens, pigs, cows, turtle, or snails. something minced existing deliberately subtle to give strength to the spice flavor, there is also a deliberately rough so that the meat can be felt in the presence of your tongue. Because most consumers like to eat meat, now almost all the restaurants serve lawar contains meat. In fact, there is a dominant meat than vegetable contains.

In the village, lawar usually spicy. There are also with fresh blood mix when squeezed flavor. But in most of the restaurants in Bali, especially in the restaurant which has a consumer from foreign tourists, adapted to the tongue taste lawar most customers. Lawar was not so spicy and using fresh blood.


Betutu is a delicious food made from a duck or chicken with herbs. Spice not only from outside, but also incorporated into the cavity of the duck or chicken breast. Then, duck or chicken wrapped in banana leaves, next wrapped with banana leaves so tightly. Ducks or chickens were then planted in a hole of ground and covered by chaff coals for 6-7 hours until it’s cooked.

Betutu has been as popular dish around Bali. One manufacturer betutu is in Melinggih, district Ubud, Gianyar. Betutu used as offerings in religious traditional ceremonies and ceremonies as well as mandatory dishes. Some consumers are not only the people of Bali, but also foreign visitors who take holiday in Bali, especially in tourist spot such as restaurants and hotels. Honey dish betutu can not be brought into the house because they could not be stored for long. Except for buying some time before returning to the city where you live. That is if when they come by plane.

Kuah Rojak Pindang

The food is a mix of some fresh fruit salad that is similar to sugar sweet or salad. Example used is same to fruit rojak sugars such as yam, kedondong, cucumber, starfruit, papaya, and others. The fruit is peeled and then be cut small. What distinguishes the ordinary salad can be mixed with some complementary like fish, shrimp paste, chili, and salt. All of the supplementary material must be milled until it soft, but should not given any more water because of caramelized sauce already mixed liquid.

The first chilli, shrimp paste and salt until finely ground. Once refined, boiled soup included. Then stirred to allow the flavors of caramelized sauce which has been finely ground boiled mixed evenly with sauce. Then, the fruit will be cut mixed small. Final settlement was stirred fruit salad dressing that boiled pervasive. This salad is usually served in a bowl and a plate.

Sate Lilit

Make satay is not always the way of cutting meat and baked then stabbed. In Bali there are other ways to make satay is with wrapping  meat into a bamboo rod.

Such as satay in general, the basic ingredient of satay is beef wrap. Meat can use the materials of fish, ducks, chickens, pigeons, or pork. That we often find in the food stalls or restaurants in Bali satay wrap is made from tuna fish and chicken.

Meat tuna or chicken inserted into the mortar and then crushed with a pestle with spices, grated coconut and coconut milk. When fused with spice, fish, satay can be formed starting with clenched fish meat lengthwise and tied on a bamboo stalk. Satay wrap burned and ready to be enjoyed with a plate of rice cake, a bowl of fish soup, and plecing kale.


Srombotan is traditional vegetable Klungkung salad. The food is a mix of various types of vegetables and then mixed nuts and coconut sambal chili seasoning flush made from shrimp paste, chili, and beans. Commonly used type of vegetable is kale, green beans, spinach, eggplant, bean, winged bean, bitter melon. While the peanut sauce made from botor,  peanuts, red beans, fried corn, fava beans, and sprouts.

Sambal Matah

In the Balinese language, sambal chili matah means raw. This sauce is made from materials that are still raw. In addition to the burnt shrimp paste, other ingredients are like onions, lemongrass, chili, and lime leaves are all still raw and fresh. All material is finely shredded, then mixed with shrimp paste and salt by squeezing it. Once smooth, add a little coconut oil.

This matah sauce commonly eaten with satay wrap or salted fish. Can also be applied to the chicken. Eating with this sauce be added tasteful.

Nasi Jinggo

Jinggo cheap rice is a dish that is very popular in Bali. Specifically in the City of Badung and Denpasar. This dish is actually for night workers. Around 1980, Jinggo rice is only available in Gajah Mada street shop-fronts in the Pasar Badung, Denpasar, between 21:00 until the early hours. From here, in addition to night workers, college students who do the work to curved night, the poet also Umbu Landu Paranggi and foster children, like to gather to discuss literature. Of them spread information about the pleasures of this Jinggo rice until now spread to almost every corner of the coda Denpasar and Badung, even to some town in Bali.

Jinggo rice wrapped within banana leaf with a side dish of noodles, fried tempeh, chicken, boiled eggs, mix tomato paste and chili spicy but delicious. Jinggo very small portion of rice. Only a handful of rice shape hand. The price is very cheap, just Rp3000 per serving

Here is a place you can go for the tasting menu of traditional Balinese food.

– Warung Satria, located at Jl WR Supratman Denpasar, the mainstay of the menu here is nasi campur bali. – Warung Tresni, located on Jl Drupadi 54 Renon Denpasar, the mainstay of the menu here is pureed soup betutu bali. – Pan Putu’s Warung, Jl Ahmad Yani 187 North Denpasar, here is a menu mainstay Sate Kakul, Jukut Ares, Tumpepes Kakul, Krupuk Kakul – Sustainable kutat Warung, Jl kutat Lestar 1 South Denpasar, the menu mainstay here is the grilled fish, satay languan, plecing kale, lawar squid. – Mina Enterprises Serangan Island Attack, a menu mainstay here is seaweed, klejat crackers, beef jerky, and fish nuggets. – Bhuana Boga, Jalan Pakis Tuberose Gg 15 Denpasar, the mainstay of the menu here is between yam rice, snack bali. – Warung Made Rapog, Jl Tukad Jo Ivory 19 Denpasar, here is a menu mainstay cokok chicken, chicken lawar. – Ward Warung, Jalan Merdeka, here is a menu mainstay chicken rice mixed Balinese style. – Chicken Rice Kedewatan, Jl Tukad Badung, here is a menu mainstay Chicken Bumbu Bali – Warung Gemah Ripah, Udayana Tiara Gods, here is a menu mainstay betutu chicken broth, chicken sambal betutu, pork roll. – Krishna Warung, Sanur Jl kutat Lestari, the mainstay of the menu here is all typical Balinese cuisine. – Ari Warung, Jl Tukad Pakerisan Panjer, here is a menu mainstay broil tuna, tuna fish balls, srombotan, plecing kale.

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