The Largest Buddhist Temple in Bali, Brahmavihara Arama

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Brahmavihara_Arama_BaliBrahmavihara Arama, better known as Banjar Buddhist Vihara. This temple is the largest Buddhist temples in Bali. Located in the hills in the village of Banjar Tegeha, 22 kilometers west of Singaraja, or 11 kilometers from the tourist area of ​​Lovina. The atmosphere is quiet and calm and direct views of the Buddhist monasteries Lovina Beach makes this a powerful attraction for tourists.

The monastery complex consists of five, including
Uposatha Gara, located on the west peak. It is a room that naman and quiet. Carved wall panels on the birth of the Buddha, in the middle there is a statue of the Buddha in a state of achieving nirvana. This room serves as a place of prayer beads Bhiku novices for training the next stage.
Dharmasala, a sort of lecture halls located in the east. In this place the Bhiku perform worship and taught the sacred. This place is also used as a place to do all spiritual activity.
Stupa, a building with a giant bell shape that is located in the northwest corner. Sides are made of concrete with a very impressive relief.
Tree body, found in the southwest corner of the building. Around the tree was decorated with reliefs. This place symbolizes the victory of the Buddha when achieving sammia the Buddha (the eternal perfection).
Kuti, the residence of the Bhiku and students who are learning. Sometimes this place is also used as a training ground of the Bhiku.

In the temple complex there are several Buddha statues that adorn every corner of the garden or room. Like there are two very interesting Buddha statue is a statue of Buddha as Parinirwana and statues of the Buddha were attained nirvana.

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