New Zealand Currency, Electricity & Telecommunication Tips

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new zealand currencyNew Zealand and Australia using different electrical devices with other countries around the world. Sources of electricity in New Zealand can only be used with 3 flat rods socket type, one rod for earthing. Sometimes there is also a third rod plugs use of plastic materials, but can still be used in the power outlet. The voltage used is 230/240 volts and 50Hz AC. If traveling to New Zealand, travelers are required to bring an adapter for electric appliance such as a hair dryer, chargers, razors, and other electric tools use.


The three largest telecommunications network in New Zealand is Telecom, 2degrees and Vodafone. The three companies have a good GSM network in almost all areas with a high population, but less good for remote areas. If you carry a cell phone, check first whether there is a roaming service to be used abroad. GSM users can also buy a simcard with New Zealand number one provider of such. Also make sure the phone isn’t locked to the sim outside.

Communication Tip

When travelers in New Zealand can purchase the modem package from Telecom which is about 70NZD, free 2 GB internet package. This will help the traveler to be able to always connect to the internet via mobile phones. Free internet access via wifi is usually obtained from libraries, cafes, and some guesthouses that will give you the password after you check-in. other cheap places to relax sometimes provide free wifi is McDonalds. The whole McDonalds actually put the logo Free Wifi at the door. However, only a few McDonalds outlets that provide it with the quota is limited to 50 Mb.

Currency and Payment Instruments Other

New Zealand using New Zealand Dollars, commonly abbreviated NZD. Smallest unit is a penny. The NZD made up of 100 cents. Fractional paper money consisted of $ 10, $ 5, $ 20, $ 100, $ 50. Fractional coins are available in the form of $ 2, $ 1, 20 cents, 50 cents and 10 cents. To shop at the supermarket or in large stores, tourists can use Visa or Mastercard credit cards. Additionally, credit cards can also be used to book accommodation online. But not all hostels and campsite accept payment via credit card. Therefore, travelers should always be vigilant and check beforehand, don’t let lack of cash due to over-reliance on credit cards.

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