Scandinavia, The Beauty of the North

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Jörg Hempel
Jörg Hempel

Cold, expensive, but very pretty. Three words can summarize the impression of Scandinavia. Country located in Northern Europe is beginning it looks a bit hard to get and hard to conquer. However, at this time we can find a gap for him. Then this beauty will imprint on the hearts and makes us always want to come back to visit this place. Are you ready to explore Scandinavia ?

Scandinavia was beautiful and fascinating. Natural charm, city tours, and historical heritage all come together. In contrast to western Europe that looks so crowded and busy, the rhythm of life in Scandinavia feels more peaceful and serene. The population of Scandinavia are not proportional to the land area. Therefore, Scandinavian looks quiet and away from the crowds.

Scandinavian truly amazing natural charm. Natural contours of wooded pine and cypress, lakes, mountains, valleys, cliffs, fjords, glaciers, and of course the vast stretches of ocean. Scandinavian natural colors look best with owned. The sky was so blue and bright, fresh-looking forest with lush green colors, the glittering reflection of sunlight falling on the lake adds lively summer, and wild flowers flourish like stocked in various directions. Grass gently invited me to sit and enjoy nature Scandinavia. Prevailing winds carry the fragrance of grasses and wild flowers were cold when it hits the nose. Interpret the heart feels at peace when all of God’s creation in this country.

City tour in Scandinavia are also no less fun with the adventure in the wild. Scandinavia is a country rich in history. All contained in a building, museum, or halls are scattered in various places. Like the story of the Vikings in the past. Some of the museum as a historical record of the occupation of the Vikings and their prowess in mastering the European seas built. Collection of relics of that period is still maintained until now.

Variety of medieval buildings still survive well and decorate downtown. It’s so gladden when walking downtown while enjoying views of the city that blends the old and modern buildings. Every corner definitely bring a new view of old buildings, narrow alleys, cobbled streets, and parks that make me feel at home foot to explore the rest of the country. If the legs began to protest for rest, I just sit on a park bench while a scene penetrate far I only see on postcards or Google Image.

Scandinavia has indeed made me fall in love. Although isolated in northern Europe, all served with charm and all the amenities of a metropolis made ​​tourism in this country like a treasure that has not been touched by tourists.

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