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Oslo_ladegårdScandinavia consists of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Located adjacent to the polar circle with led into the Scandinavian Nordic countries with Finland and Iceland. Conditions that make Scandinavian climate similar to the climate of the Arctic, the temperature can drop to minus tens of degrees and the sun rise for four hours during the winter.

Dark and cold, like there’s nothing interesting on the Scandinavian winter. However, winter is a surge for lovers of winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and all games involving ice and snow that freezes. Many tourists who came to Scandinavia in the winter tasting experience for winter sports. Heavy snow plus fantastic natural scenery obviously not be rejected by them.

Another thing is the main attraction of the Scandinavian winter is the aurora borealis or northern lights. Long hours of the night because the sun only shines during the four hours plus a fairly cold temperature extremes is the right combination separately presence aurora borealis dances. Bluish green color bursts are present coloring the night sky this country as it gives evidence that winter still holds beauty. Not some little travelers who deliberately hunt the northern lights, and usually they come to the northern winter are in the most extreme conditions.

Visit to Scandinavia in the winter need careful planning. Not only to anticipate extreme weather below zero degrees. But also to anticipate lodging, shopping, or a museum that is open during the winter. Usually tourists who came to Scandinavia just to enjoy nature and outdoor sports, not for sightseeing tours and shopping. In addition, most public transport is also not operating.

Scandinavia in spring temperature can change rapidly. Sunny and not too cold or even down to 10 degrees. Tourist attractions and museums are also not open in the spring. So summer in Scandinavia is much more fun than the other seasons. Warmer temperatures and a longer sunrise. Not to mention the numerous festivals waiting to be displayed. However, the target during the summer vacation is definitely not just a. Thousands of tourists from various countries must have also thought the same thing.

Scandinavian conditions during the summer is the opposite condition of the Scandinavian winter. The Land of Midnight sun, in Scandinavia in the summer sun can shine until midnight. The more sun the more time available to dive every corner of the city in Scandinavia, and everyone can enjoy the sun until midnight.

Season Tips in Scandinavia

Risks go when the summer tourists go round a solid number. I went to Scandinavia in the early summer. Temperatures tend to warm and the city is not too crowded with foreign tourists. Most hostels are already full. So it is not possible for a hostel after landing in Scandinavia.

Booking a hostel before leaving is very mandatory to prevent missed the inn. You do not have to worry about transportation between cities and between countries, due in the summer of transportation are fully operational. You do not have to worry about buying a bus or train ticket. It’s just a habit prevailing in the country is getting near the time of ticket purchase to the time of departure the ticket price will be more expensive. Better all planned and prepared before the start of the holiday.

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