Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Distinctive Combination

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Hong_Kongtake a trip out to hong kong, shouldn’t miss visiting the town of shenzhen in china. shenzhen could be a town that’s right for your company who desire out to see anything new when vacationing in hong kong.

Hong kong tourism board ( hktb ) in collaboration along with the shenzhen municipal bureau of culture sports and tourism out to promote multi-destination tourism hong kong and shenzen. from this partnership, foreign travelers will simply get into china through shenzen. additionally out to its simplicity, shenzhen too has several fascinating tourist destination that’s not really a loss out to be visited.

Shenzhen is famous because of its cultural tourism that tends out to still ancient. this is often an fascinating combination because you visit the modern hong kong, same simon wong, hktb regional director for southeast asia with a press conference in jakarta, thursday.

tourist sites that you might want to visit in shenzen, among others dapengsuo city, a town with the use of a history of war in china throughout the ming dynasty and qing, then too depeng peninsula, one on your best beaches in china. theres additional cultural sites and alternative fascinating natural.

shenzen directly adjacent out to hong kong. from hong kong out to shenzhen can possibly be reached by train, car or ship just inside approximately one hour.

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