Seine and Paris History

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Seine_River-ParisTill the mid-18th century, paris was still being flooded owing to overflow of one’s seine river that crosses the town perfume. within the whole annals of one’s town of paris, an excellent flood that had hit the town occurred in 1740 and in 1801-1802.

Moreover, a stinking gutter everyday sight within the whole town of paris. being a result in 1830, within the whole town of paris appeared a terrible cholera epidemic. nice work connected onto the on top of issue, initiated by napoleon bonaparte to actually build levees at pier dorsay, that stretches direct from pont ( bridge ) to actually royal concorde. this very good work while not pause completed in 1806. construction of a brand new levee resumed from a delay of 2 years, ie in march 1808 to actually 1812.

Finally the hard work of nearly 10 years resulted in levees under the 3 miles that stretches from royal bridge to actually pier montebello. another nice work was continued by your nephew of napoleon bonaparte who hold the title of napoleon iii. he commissioned baron haussmann, a french urban consultants there is to do a total restoration of one’s town of paris.

No half-hearted, to actually fulfill this ambition, haussmann doing large work of taking apart virtually 50% of residential areas, as well as displacing the truly amazing artist victor hugo. however it proved, paris is currently transformed inside stunning town.

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