Public Transportation from Moscow Airport to City Center

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Blick_über_DomodedowoMost large cities, Moscow has four major international airports which all located outside the city. Distance to the airport with other airports can not exactly close. Two international airports of which are widely used by commercial airline airports Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo is. Public transport from and to the airport towards the direction of the two cities is very easy.

Travelers to the city of Moscow must always be vigilant about the airport that will be addressed. Do not let one read thus causing difficulties upon arrival in Moscow. After that, rightly expected to always check transport which will be used towards the city.It is important that time owned by the tourists can be more efficient.

Of course before leaving for Moscow, accommodation address, plan to get there, and also the Moscow metro scheme should have on hand. This all can be easily searched on the internet. Or if not able to get, so out of the airport, complete with a map of City of Moscow metro and other transport schemes can be purchased at the book stall at a price of 90 rubles. Do not ever go exploring Moscow without a map if you do not want to get lost.

From Domodedovo International Airport Arrival and Flight Schedule

If you get off at Domodedovo airport, you can use a taxi, express train, or bus to get to the city center.Given direction from and to the airport from the city is dense regions that each day is often jammed, then use freeway express train got to the station in the city is the best choice.

From the airport to the city center about 35 km. when the road smoothly, with private vehicles can be taken about an hour, but often reached within 1.5 hours. Whereas if the express train, usually reached in just 40 minutes.

Once out of immigration Domodedovo Airport, follow the direction of the train bearing the logo of an express train. Express train station is located next to the airport. Before getting into the door of the train platform, there is a booth that sells train tickets at a price of 250 rubles for one way for adults.Almost every 30 minutes or so, the train departs from the airport to the city.The earliest schedule began at 6:40 and ended at 23:40.

Domodedovo airport express train from the station will end in pawelet or Paweletskii Vokzal. From this station, all ground transportation available, such as the tramway, awtobus, marshrutka, and metro. Just in front of and beside the train stasun awtobus stop there, mashrutka, or tramway. Paweletskii Vokzal has an underground walkway that connects with Metro Station Paweletskaya.

If the base is quite far from Paweletskii Vkzal, you should use the metro transport. Then get off at the nearest metro station to the inn, and then moved on to wear other transportation if needed. The streets in Moscow metro is very jammed so the fastest transportation in the city, cheap, practical, and comfortable.

Likewise, if the Domodedovo Airport to the city center, you have to ride the express train from Paweletskii Vokzal. Pretama express train to the airport Domodedovo departing at 06.00 and ends at 23.00. From the airport to the city are also available economy-class train ticket 100 rubles. Economic train will stop at every small station, so travel time will be longer, which is about two hours.

Sheremetyevo Transit Zone to Moscow City Center

When our plane landed at Sheremetyevo airport, all ground transportation can be used towards the city. However, because the road is quite solid vehicles, express train is an option that is comfortable, practical, and fast.

Express train to the city just stops at the destination station Belaruskii Vokzal.Similarly, from the city center which will lead to Sheremetyevo Airport, a passenger express train only increase in Belaruskii Vokzal.Rail express train from Sheremetyevo airport to the city center is located in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Terminal 2. As in Domodedovo, express train station lips stuck to the airport, you can just walk out of the airport about five minutes.

If you do not stop at terminal 2, service facility will provide free shuttle bus from the other terminal to the express station. Once outside the airport, follow the signs to the train station or bus stop express shuttle bus bound express train station.

Train ticket booth is located just before the entrance to the train platform. Just to pay 300 rubles, tourists can enjoy the convenience of an express train headed downtown Moscow with a travel time of about 30 minutes. The final goal is the express train station or often called Belaruskii Belarus Vokzal. The station is adjacent to the Metro Station Belaruskaya.

Although around Belaruskii Vokzal all public transport facilities available, if you stay far enough away from the area, you better use the metro. Then stop at the nearest metro station to the inn. From the station, if necessary use other transportation to get to inn or on foot if not too far.

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