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cathedral russia.Moscow as the capital of the largest country in the northern hemisphere is one of the cities that must be visited if to Russia.Not only because it is a complete metropolis, but also as one of the cities where it is found Russian civilization since ancient times until now.In Moscow there are many tourist attractions that may not be ignored. Russian exoticism of contemporary travelers could also be felt in this city. traveled to Russia without stopping to Moscow together with a meal without rice side dish.

Moscow is known at this time other metropolitan city proper, densely populated with brand vehicles come to the streets. Forget Lada and Volga, which is one symbol of the triumph of communism. BMW, Mercedes, Limousine now to make the streets of Moscow to be jammed. The world has morphed and now democracy and capitalism is getting out of control. Forget the dark days of the Soviet Union is now a distant memory, the glorious of the past. Russia had changed clothes.
Moscow society recognize the value of modernity, various malls and luxury shops sprung up, spoil belly restaurant also scattered throughout the city.Even so, when it comes to Russia now, at least you can still enjoy the civilization of the transition from the past into the future. An exotic and delicious process was observed.

It’s never expected. In 1147 when it was founded by Prince Yuri Dolgoruki, Moscow is just a remote village on the outskirts of the forest in the highlands and adjacent to a river that flows silent. Moscow was more ancient than the current Kremlin environment or in the range of 2, 5 sq. km.Just because the strategic location also, slowly but surely filling up with newcomers Moscow from other regions.

Splendor of the Kremlin Palace of fortified high red brick towers and dozens of amazing indeed. On the right side there is a Kremlin Red Square is often called the Red Square is very famous. That said, the royal era, Red Square is a business center like the market, where buying and selling is done, all the king’s announcement dikumandangakan and there are also carried out executions for prisoners. Location of Red Square is very strategic, especially dtunjang with many historic buildings in the vicinity.

Moscow was first made capital of Russia in the 15th century, during the time of King Ivan III to power. It was he who built numerous castles and churches that currently exist in the Kremlin. Once the sturdy fortress that surrounds the palace and the king made the Kremlin as Russia’s residence thereafter. Various historic buildings has now become a powerful icon City of Moscow. Many tourists think that the Kremlin is the center of power of the communist period. And in place of the Russian culture since time began.

In the early 18th century, when Russia was led by Peter the Great, the Russian capital was transferred to the City of St. Petersburg arise until the 1927 revolution that marked the end of the system in the Russian empire. After that, the Russian government to join with other countries into the Soviet Union in Moscow as their capital.After the Soviet Union collapsed, the Russian capital remained in Moscow Metropolitan City.

Moscow is the Russian language known as Moscow, now packed with approximately 20 million inhabitants. Approximately seven million inhabitants of whom were on the underground metro transport services to support the daily necessities. Using metro transportation is very practical and fast.

Metro station in Moscow as a hidden palace. Only seemingly red M mark. Of land does not seem a little beauty this station, but once you get in the basement in the range of 50 feet, eyes flashing as if reluctant to see the magic that is often called the most beautiful underground museum. One metro station with other metro stations has its own advantages. Quite often you will see people who intentionally make an appointment and chat in the living room while enjoying the beauty of the palace station underground.

In addition, Moscow also has the peak, which is often called the Leninsky Gory or Vorobyovy Gorah. From here, tourists can enjoy a blend of the old city stadium and also modern.Moscow also provided to the tourists some miscellaneous souvenir sellers are easily found in the Old Arbat or in Traditional Ismailovo market.

It turned museum in Moscow is comparable to some of the museums in Western Europe. Call it the Pushkin Museum, which is located right across from the cathedral Khram Khrista Spasitelya. There can be found a variety of paintings famous artists such as Russia and Europe Rembrand, sculpture, or other collections. other than that, there is still the Tretyakov Gallery has a wide collection of famous paintings.

For a short visit, exploring Moscow takes at least two days. By considering a summer visit when the sun had set on at 22:00, so many attractions can be visited by tourists who do not have a lot of money. With two days, travelers usually can begin to understand and recognize the city of Moscow.

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