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Stortorget-StockholmWho knows how many times hallway Gamla Stan has managed to surprise me with a view of the stunning architecture. This time I step forward with both feet which is the origin of me escort to Stortorgen, the city’s oldest square in Stockholm.

Blue sky and the bright afternoon sun was not too hot when I get to Stortorget. Some tourists sitting on the bench available while admiring the various forms of 18th century buildings that surround them and the pervading atmosphere there. I do not know how long they spend there. I was standing behind two brightly colored buildings that often featured on postcards for souvenirs, while on the front porch of this building some travelers both form small groups around the cafe table. While drinking coffee in the cup, they also enjoy the same curved.

Stepped foot into the middle of the square, heading the bench is left to come mingle with other visitors. I momentarily remember dark history of the place. At 1520, the King of Denmark – Sweden at the time, King Christian II, making Stortorget as a place to hang 90 people decapitated and her political opponents. It is said that the victim’s blood flow and meet the square. Place as beautiful as this turned out to have such a horror story. However, the nuance of Stortorget today is so warm and pleasant. It seems like all the horror stories that only history.

Usually many attractions of street artists around Stortorget, but that afternoon Stortorget looked deserted. I almost came during the afternoon approached evening so all the stores started closing and street artists dismiss their action. However, it did not reduce the visitors desire to spend the rest of the afternoon there. Not only adults, young children are still excited about running around and looks like innocent little angels who play in fantasy land.

In front of the Nobel Museet collection looks small children, like they had just completed a visit the museum that day. Some children get together doing the dance moves simple bodies and other groups to sing a song with a fast tempo. I just sat there in the middle of the square to observe all the sights.

After a few moments late in reverie, suddenly heard a choir of children. Suddenly I was looking for the origin of the sound, apparently a teacher of a collection of children’s initiative to lead them sing. In front of the Nobel Museet, they stood lined up neatly sang in a language totally foreign to my ears while occasionally interspersed with dances typical children. All those who are in direct Stortorget distract them, then clapped loudly and asked them to sing another song. Stortorget may just save memory in dark past, but now Stortorget like a magnet that attracts many tourists to enjoy the beauty. Such that afternoon, everyone was smiling and showing a sense of happiness is in Stortorget. They shared a smile and love.

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