Getting Rid of Stress and Test Your Adrenaline With Mountain Bikes

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Mountain-bike-jumpBike ride up and down the mountain while enjoying the beauty of nature can eliminate the sense of fatigue because of the daily routine. Mountain bikes have health benefits, burn body fat because of the continuous activity of the body. Making body cardiovascular system work better.

Due to the high activity of the heart and lungs so that the body itself becomes more fit. As well as the leg muscles, and that can certainly reduce stress after a busy week with a routine job. Mountain bikes are made available specifically to be used in mountainous areas that have steep and rocky path contours. Tires used deliberately made wider and aim to get better acceleration.

First mountain bike was introduced in 1970, by users of the bike in the hills of San Francisco. Since then the world knows this mountain bike. its characteristics are light, shape frame made from steel, aluminum and uses the latest carbon fiber composite materials (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and using the shock-absorber shock absorbers. While the tire is used that has the ability to grip the ground firmly. 18-30 gear mountain bikes have moved on that allows you to adjust the speed and convenience of the pedal.

According to history, the first mountain bike tested by the Buffalo Soldiers, he is part of the United States Army. In this trial, carried out by soldiers who took an officer of Minnesota pass toward Yellowstone Montana on the way round which was conducted in August 1896.

In the 1930s until the 1950s, Joe Breeze who live in the Marin Country, California is developing the concept of a versatile bike with A high quality tire tires ‘balloon’ with the speed that by the time it became a trend. In the span of 1951 to 1956, a community in France called Velo Cross Club Parison (VCCP), which consists of 20 people cycling enthusiasts held a sports activity that became the forerunner of the mountain bike sport today. They use bikes that have been modified, named French 650-B  Development

In 1953, John Finley Scott develop a mountain bike with me in the form use an frame developed by the World Schwin called ‘Woodsie Bike’. This bike tires using tire in the wind and is equipped with a flat-handle bars as a booster seat and bike as it passes through a steep road. In general, activity in the mountain biking category is divided into cross-country, trail riding, downhill, free-ride, street riding, dirt jumping and trials. However, the more frequent is a recreational cross country course, trail riding and street riding, in which the activity is conducted over recreation.

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