Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg Russia

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Saint_Petersburg_Peter_and_Paul_Fortress_Peter_and_Paul_CathedralPeter and Paul Fortress known as Petropavlovskaya Krepost. When Peter the Great claimed land along the River Neva in 1703, it was decided to make a fort as protection against attack from the Swedish army. As it turned out, Sweden had lost before the castle was completed so that the castle has never functioned as original intent. The momentum of the groundbreaking of the construction of the fort is now known as the birthday of St. Petersburg.

Peter and Paul Fortress Cathedral

Inside the fort, until now stood upright cathedral which is the first church at St. Petersburg. The design of the cathedral is not exactly uncommon. Usually, shoots church or Christian Orthodox cathedral in Russia is decorated with shades of onion dome or dome mosque in the arab countries, but Peter and Paul Cathedral at the top that resembles a tower decorated golden yellow 123.2 meters tall.

Visit the Peter and Paul Cathedral is mandatory when traveling in St. Petersburg. This is a place of pilgrimage of the founders and Russian princes in the kingdom. Tomb of Peter the Great to Alexander II maintaned well here. Cathedral which was never used for baptism or wedding ceremony is usually filled with visitors to see and remember the greatness of Peter the Great and the previous leader.

Peter and Paul Fortress Tour

Another uniqueness, within the fort also built a prison, where authorities punish political opponents at the time. Call it a famous writer Dostoyevsky, Maksim Gorky, Trotsky, and Alexander. Lenin sister had lived behind the bars of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The room still left original until now, even the benches and beds cared for. Anyone who comes to visit Peter and Paul Fortress can see room for political prisoners and feel how hard life in prison.In addition to imprisonment, the fort is also a museum on the life of ancient society in Russia, especially St. Petersburg.

Visit this fort, besides bringing tourists to the future greatness of the kings in the past, also led them to a landscape that is such a beautiful building. It is conceivable, this fort from a distance looks so sturdy stands across the river with cathedral tops touch the sky. In addition to an island surrounded by the river, the arrangement of the inside of the castle is very beautiful. Starting from the shady trees, garden with blooming flowers, up to an artificial beach on the edge of the river has always been a place sunbathing tourists and local residents.

In the winter, from here you can enjoy the frozen Neva River while playing snow thereon. Is a special experience to fish in the river of snow pit with a purpose. Peter and Paul Fortress is now more a place of recreation that do not have the impression at all austere.

Peter and Paul Fortress Admission Fee Cost

The price of admission Complex Peter and Paul Fortress is free, but if you want to get into museums, prisons, cathedrals, and other, you have to pay 350 rubles. You can use the Metro Gorkovskaya to be able to go to the Peter and Paul Fortress.

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