Magnificent Architecture of Riksdag Huset

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Äppelviken,_SnäckvägenSwedish Parliament Riksdag Huset Building or may not be exceeded when the tourists entering the area of ​​Gamla Stan. The red building as a gateway to Gamla Stan, is equipped with a bridge and a heavy river flowing beneath. Huset Riksdag successfully make the tourists fascinated by the beauty of the architecture of this building. The tourists will feel very small in the red wall of the swedish parliament. Huset Rksdag as if preparing for visitors to see the sights of Gamla Stan architecture of the city is more cool again.

In front of the Riksdag Huset, just before the bridge leading to the parliament building, there is a small figure who barely recognized by the presence of visitors who pass through. However, if further scrutiny, a figure which is a statue that looks begiu pathetic. Rav Hemlos sculpture or Homeless Fox created by sculptor Laura Ford and was bought by the Constitution of Stockholm in 2008.

The statue was placed in the corner of the meeting between Drottninggatan and Riksdag Huset, just about the most influential circles in Stockholm. Rav Hemlos small sit there, day and night, reminded that there are still improvements to be made to improve the welfare of Swedish society.

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