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Nusa_Lembongan_ReefScuba Diving is hovering activities that explore the amazing underwater world. For Scuba Diver, the event was very enjoyable. To be a diver is not difficult. You take enough training for three days. Many places in Bali scuba diving training that has the feel of training with a tour package. Also not difficult to find a rental diving equipment at low prices.

The main attraction of this sport is diving to the ocean floor. In contrast to that can only be enjoyed snorkeling underwater from the surface of the water, diving was diving down to the bottom of the sea with a wider range of equipment. Such as oxygen in the snorkel tube is not required.

International regulations stated to dive must master the theory and skills as a scuba diver and certified Open Water Divers authorities. If you have a license OWD, you can dive anywhere in the world on ocean with a maximum depth of 18 meters and a maximum height of water at 300 meters above sea level. In Indonesia, an official dive certificate issued by the Professional Association Diving Instructors or PADI abbreviated.

But that does not mean you do not have experience at all can not try this activity. You can take diving package beginning with do training first. by them, first you will be equipped with the basic theory and neighborhood dives, the practice of assembling equipment, climbed down into the depths of the sea trials and practice.

However, after mastering the theory and practice of diving, it does not mean you should recklessly dives. Novice divers are not allowed to dive in the ocean without the presence of an instructor or dive master. Condition and character of the different sea in various places, contain considerable risks.

Diving Important Tips

Things that need to be done prior to diving. :

– Determine the location of the dive. Prepare equipment like snorkels, fins, oxygen cylinders, masks, boots, wet suits, diving gloves and other essential equipment.

– Check whether the equipment is still feasible to be used or there is already damaged.

– Check the air pressure gauge in the tube.

– Do not dive past the safety limit minimum.

– Use gloves scuba, wetsuit, boots, fins, snorkels, and regulators properly.

– Always know the various problems that may occur in diving and prevention and control measures.

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