How to get back home from Russia

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Photo : Alexander V. Solomin/Wikimedia
Photo : Alexander V. Solomin/Wikimedia

After doing tourist activities in Russia, which must be precisely known is how best to return to the country of origin by means of an efficient, both in terms of time and financial. All of this will be strongly associated with a vehicle that will be used towards Moscow from the pretty town on the west end of the north of Russia.

Before deciding on a vehicle that will be used to Moscow, one thing to watch out for certain is the flight time from Moscow to the country of origin. Are flight at midnight, afternoon, or even the morning. Also, do not forget to keep the immigration card filled with small white markings upon entry into Russia because Russia often asked when it came out as a control card.

Hours after departure to the country of origin, you can begin to determine which vehicles should be used to Moscow. The simplest is to use the plane even though rather expensive ticket prices of around U.S. $ 100. Note that you must set the plane coming from St. Petersburg leaving enough time for check-in and boarding at the airport in Moscow. For security, you must come at least 3 hours before departure to the country of origin.

Another important thing, note the arrival of aircraft at the Moscow airport. As already explained before that in Moscow there are many airports that have a remote distance and travel time may require more than 1 hour by public transport. Keep St. dair plane. Petersburg landed at the same airport the plane will take off to the country of origin. If it is already a regular, meaning travelers efficiency and not wasting time in vain.

Another story if you choose the train. They will depart and arrive at the train station Vokzal inside the city so it takes extra effort to reestablish the connection to the airports are generally located outside the city. It is a bit complex, but obviously it is cheaper than the cost in a sense can stay overnight on the train ticket plus half of the ticket.

Note the arrival of the train station in Moscow Vokzal distance and express trains connecting with as already discussed. Sometimes you come Vokzal place is not close to the express train station so travelers should use the metro. It is not recommended to use a super express train Sabsan that only three hours to Moscow. Instead of using the trains, much better use of aircraft with similar costs in arriving directly at the airport where you will be leaving home. The new trains were introduced in 2010 is just not right even though fast.

Also not recommended back from St. Petersburg to Moscow by bus. Time travel is often uncertain which can cause lags flight. Not to mention the frequent congestion on roads due to collisions that brought the line. Thus, when referring to the time efficiency, travelers should use the aircraft, while the efficiency recommended for use with a little extra train trips.

If there is still have a rubles, should be exchanged into dollars at the airport in Moscow or spent to buy souvenirs or snacks and chocolates from Russia. Usually is difficult to exchange rubel in some countries because it does not sell well. If anyone want to swap, exchange rates is very weak. Travellers green and blue passport holders are not allowed to take cash out of Russia more than U.S. $ 10,000. If forced to carry, you have to make a declaration with prepared by filling the form in front of the entrance to the check-in. Please note that these rules are very strict about it so that violations will result in travelers have difficulty with complex bureaucratic

It’s good before handing all luggage to airline officials, the suitcase wrapped with plastic to prevent damage when removed and thrown. Based on experience, a lot of things that go into damaged luggage at the destination simply because it is not protected. Plastic wrapping services exist in almost all airports in Russia at a cost of around 200 rubles.

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