Flight Attendants’ Fashion Tips: What Not to Wear on a Plane

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Alright, folks, when you’re hopping on a plane for your next adventure, there are a few things you might want to leave behind to ensure a smooth ride. While there aren’t any strict rules, flight attendants have some handy suggestions for your comfort and the convenience of everyone on board.

So, what’s on the no-no list for in-flight fashion? Check out these tips from flight attendants as shared by Travel + Leisure.

No-Go for Naughty Clothes

Airlines can actually say “no” to passengers wearing inappropriate stuff that might tick off others—think clothes with offensive words or cheeky messages. If your outfit gets the thumbs-down, they might ask you to switch it up. Ignore the call, and you could find yourself taking an unexpected detour off the plane.

Skip the Sandals

Open-toed shoes, like sandals, might leave you feeling chilly as the cabin temperature can drop. Plus, you never know how often the plane’s carpet and under-seat space gets a good scrub. To be on the safe side, keep your shoes on, especially when you’re making your way to the bathroom to avoid any icky surprises.

Pajama Drama

While it might seem cozy, flight attendants generally give pajamas a thumbs-down. Opt for loose and comfy clothing instead. Unless you’re chilling in business class where they sometimes hand out PJs, feel free to change into them during the flight.

Swimwear Slip-Up

Save the swimwear for the beach. Some airlines, like Hawaiian Airlines, have a no-swimwear rule—probably because there’s no pool party happening mid-flight.

Down with High Heels

Besides flip-flops, it’s a good idea to kick high heels to the curb during your flight. They could slow down the evacuation process if things get dicey, and you might accidentally give someone a poke with those pointy heels.

No Extreme Temperatures, Please

Plane temperatures can be a mystery, so avoid super thin tank tops or mega thick sweaters. Layering is your friend here, letting you adjust based on whether the cabin feels like the Arctic or the Sahara.

Metal-Free Zone

Ditch the metal accessories and bling—watches, rings, you name it—before you fly. Some of those pieces might look a bit too much like sneaky weapons. Instead of holding up the security line, toss your jewelry in your bag.

Easy on the Perfume

Not everyone’s a fan of a heavy fragrance, especially in the tight quarters of a plane. To keep your fellow passengers smiling, maybe go easy on the strong perfumes and colognes.

So, there you have it—some friendly advice on what to skip in the fashion department for a smoother journey. Safe travels!

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