Choosing Your Ride: Which Gets the Gold Star for Safety and the Red Flag for Risk?

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With the holiday hustle in full swing, people are hopping on various modes of transportation to reach their desired destinations. But here’s the million-dollar question: which ride is the safest bet?

When it comes to safety, air travel takes the crown. Despite some lingering fears about flying, the stats tell a reassuring story—air travel has a notably lower accident rate compared to other modes.

“All modes are in the safety game, though. Nowadays, safety is the name of the game, even for trains. I’d say all modes of transportation are pretty darn safe,” shared Rivan, the Deputy Chairman of Transportation Safety, during a laid-back year-end chat on Wednesday (December 27, 2023).

Why is air travel a rockstar in safety? It boils down to the meticulous care and security measures that go into keeping those planes flying smoothly.

“Planes? Practically accident-free in a year. They’re the cool cats of safety because of their top-notch security handling,” he added.

On the flip side of this transport adventure, Rivan spilled the beans that the least safe player in the game is our four-wheeled buddy—the private vehicle. Yup, they’re winning (or losing) in the accident stats.

“Plot twist! The mode with the most accidents isn’t the buses or trains—it’s those private vehicles,” he spilled.

Forget the notion that buses are accident magnets; Rivan spilled the tea that motorcycles are the real troublemakers on the road. He threw a friendly reminder to all those steering their own vehicles: play it cool, follow the rules, and stay on the safe side.

“Motorcycles, stealing the spotlight. Some folks might think it’s the public transport making waves, but nah, public transport is cruising at a chill sixth place. Motorcycles are the real champs, hitting a whopping 77 percent. Heavy-duty rides come next, shaking things up in head-on collisions,” he spilled the beans.

“The main event? Head-on collisions, with a whopping 45,000 out of 116,000 collisions playing it headfirst. Why does it matter? ‘Cause of little slip-ups and going against the flow,” he wrapped it up with a friendly reminder.

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