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14 provinces in Southern Thailand is famous for its crystal clear beaches, unique rock formations, and the world’s best resorts. The three provinces of krabi, phuket, and Phang Nga is the most famous because of each other, you can reach them all in one vacation.

Krabi Province

Krabi offers one of the most exciting and exotic scenery in Thailand as a row of hills reef in front of the beach which is very clear. You can try some interesting activity here, as photographed on the beach The Beach (Leonardo DiCaprio) in Phi Phi Island. located precisely at Maya Beach, Phi Phi Le. In addition, you can also swim while feeding fish here, or scuba diving. Want more extreme activities? you can try to learn rock climbing, the most famous is Rai Le (appearing on the show Amazing Race). You can also do the Expedition canoeing, snorkeling and diving in Poda, Rang Nok and Hua Kwan. Or nerlajaln on the shore of fossil Susan Hoi An and visit the Tiger Cave Temple (“Tiger Cave”) or Wat Tham Suea, a mysterious tiger footprints in the woods in a cave. Having tired of touring, you can relax in Ko Lanta with beautiful beaches that have not been visited by many tourists.

Phuket Province

Phuket region has many major holiday resorts in Asia, the beach (hat) is the best in Phuket overlooking the Andaman Sea, such as Patong and Kata / Karon. You can do some interesting activities like relaxing in the beautiful tourist attractions recommended by the tourists below.
– Hat Mai Khao – Phuket’s longest beach is where giant sea turtles lay eggs every November and December
– Hat Nai Yang – perfect for relaxing, picnicking, swimming and snorkeling
– Hat Pansea & Hat Surin – very beautiful, but could not for swimming
– Hat Kamala – sandy beaches are also beautiful, and be able to pool in the north.
– Hat Karon, Kata Hat, Hat Nai Han – soft beaches are suitable for swimming, snorkeling and windsurfing
– The crowd on the beach Patong Beach, with many seafood restaurants.
– The Thai Village serving Southern Thai specialties complete with cultural performances
– Diving off the beach in Surin, Similan and Racha island.
– Alone to the island of Ko Racha charming (2-hour boat ride from Ao Chalong).
– Yacht, especially when the game King’s Cup Regatta.
– Canoeing in the sea, looking at the unique rock formations in Phang Nga Bay
– Watching the culture and architecture of the descendants of Thai, Malaysian and Chinese Peranakan in Phuket Town.
– Vegetarian Festival each October.
– Watching Phuket FantaSea with family.
– Raise submarine Pakarang
– See the pearl farm directly
– Eating abalone as much in Phuket Abalone Farm

Phang Nga Province

Natural wonders of Phang Nga many beautiful places to store an amazing atmosphere, will always make you remember when holiday travel here. Many activities can be done here.
– You can see the geological wonders of Phang Nga Bay National Park, the cave goes down and rock formations rising out of the sea.
– You can drop in to a weird James Bond Island, appeared in the film The Man with the Golden Gun.
– Visiting Ko Similan – 9 island nature reserve is made of granite, very famous for diving and snorkeling.
– Visiting Muslim fishing island, Panyee Island
– Passing Thalu island with sea caves
– Looking Khao Khien, a rare swimming iguana.

At the bottom of thailand, near the Malaysian border, the more people can be dangerous Malays. The city center here is Hat Yai, just a few hours by bus from Penang.

Songkhla province (capital: Hat Yai)
Hat Yai City is a place of entertainment’s most frequently visited by tourists from Malaysia, Singapore and Medan. However, the coastal city that gave its charm relaxed in Songkhla, as in Samila Beach for example. From here you can go to Songkhla Lake which is the largest lake in Thailand, while Yo island is famous for its distinctive fabric. Do not forget to browse through the underground hideout communist guerrillas in Khao Nam Khang. The caves were dug by hand for 9 years has a variety of spaces such as meeting rooms, clinics, radio room, kitchen, shooting ranges, and so on! In the city of Hat Yai also has a sleeping Buddha statue in the world’s third largest Phuttha Hattha namely Phra Mongkhon. In this area, in addition to Thai, Malay and Hokkien quite a lot of people are using.

Surat Thani (Koh Samui and Koh Phang Ngan)

In history, Surat Thani is a part of the kingdom of Srivijaya, the old city Chaiya. Here you can visit Boromthat Phra Chaiya, with the authentic architecture of Srivijaya and save the relics of the Buddha. In this area is also famous for its coconut plantations were picked by monkeys are smart and one of the most romantic islands, Ko Samui. The island is famous for its clean beaches and long, complete with resorts, restaurants and entertainment venues. The divers frequent the island of Phang Ngan and Tao island with coral and dazzling underwater scenery. Koh Phang Ngan’s Full Moon Party also held (typical Ibiza rave party) every month is often visited by tourists from all over the world. While in the west, there is Ang Thong National Park with 40 islands beautiful shores, crystal clear waters and stunning rock formations. On the inside, there is Khao Sok National Park with a captivating ecological tour for a wide variety of flora and fauna.


This area is famous for its beautiful beaches and underwater scenery are charming in various islands. Some like Klong Lamchan sights Waterfall Park and Khao Chong Wildlife and Nature Education Center, a tropical forest with many species of birds. The divers lot towards Phetra Islands National Park. Chao Mai National Park which covers Kradan Island, with its fine sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs, and Muk island with the enchanting Emerald Cave cave. The underworld is so popular here, until the underwater wedding ceremony held every year, when the couples come from all over the world to get married while diving on Valentine’s Day!

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