The Cloud Cable Car Travel Around Tembagapura, Papua

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If you’ve had the opportunity out to visit tembagapura in papua, don’t miss the cable car in the direction of grasberg mine. we were taken up out to a height of 3574 meters higher than ocean level. virtually as high as mount sumeru !

Destination dream team had the opportunity out to venturing into papua 2 tembagapura on friday. this is often a mining space of pt freeport indonesia ( pt-fi ). our goal is out to climb out to the highest of one’s grasberg mine the greatest.

Well, out to get there, we had out to ride a cable car like mine workers. tembagapura was really already at an altitude of concerning 2, 500 meters higher than ocean level.

The bus that took us finally arrived at terminal 74, trip cable car beginning purpose. the place is located at an altitude of 2836. 5 meters higher than ocean level. we can move to terminal eb at an altitude of 3574 masl. by comparison, mount semeru height 3676 meters higher than ocean level. that would be, the terminal eb virtually as high as mount sumeru, wow !

Cable car we made in 1989 and began operation since 1990. freeport staff referred to as tram, however really it happens to be the cable car. this swiss-made cable car has a protracted track virtually 1. 6 km, 1594. 75 feet out to be exact. rather long and soaring upwards. iron structure additionally appearance solid.

The morning was sunny, and that i extremely hope the weather remained thus up there. cable car we came, therefore we went up. there’s no place out to sit. all passengers standing whereas holding a rope. when full, the cable car is very effective at carrying 100 passengers.

Trains were moving up. slowly, the space along the mine processing our pins. processing units rock quarry started out to shrink before my eyes. in front of ourselves was a thick fog.

In the event the day started foggy, same naniur erelak, superintendent visitor and institutional relations ptfi out to us.

Suddenly we disappeared directly into super thick fog. from below tembagapura, our cable car certain appearance disappeared directly into clouds. understandably, this height is typically thick fog. there could be solely white outside the window, there was nothing we may examine it once more. terrible fog !

After concerning 20 minutes since we left, the window began out to reveal a big building, terminal eb. aaah… we finally arrived at finished in this cable car line.
Still thick fog enveloped around us. located at an altitude of 3574 masl pretty noticeably completely different. oxygen started out to skinny, mouth steamy and additional bone-chilling cold.

However this isn’t finished of one’s journey. our goal is out to peak at an altitude of 4285 masl grasberg. look forward to consequent story of dream destination papua 2 !

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