Don’t Sip Coffee Before Flying! Here’s Why:

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A friendly flight attendant suggests skipping that cup of joe before hopping on a plane.

She works for an Aussie airline and says coffee and other caffeinated drinks can mess with you up in the air.

So, besides coffee, she says to steer clear of energy drinks too. Apparently, they hit your body kind of like booze does.

Here’s What Can Happen if You Drink Caffeine Before Flying:

You Might Get More Anxious and Fidgety

The flight attendant says caffeine, in any form, isn’t great if you’re already a nervous flyer.

“Skip the caffeine before takeoff. It amps up your jitters and makes you all twitchy,” advises Goodwin, as shared on the Mirror website (03/27/2024).

You’ll Be Making More Trips to the Bathroom

Caffeine can dehydrate you, making you want to chug more liquids. And you can guess what that means – more bathroom breaks.

Hello, Headaches and Insomnia

Caffeine can also leave you with a pounding headache and staring at the ceiling when you should be snoozing.

Here’s a Heads-Up About Ordering Tea and Coffee on Flights:

Another flight attendant, Kamalani, spills the tea (pun intended) on why you might want to skip the tea and coffee on planes.

She says the water tanks on planes don’t get cleaned much, so anything from there should be a no-go.

“We flight attendants? We’re not big on tea or coffee. It’s all from the same tank, and that water can get pretty sketchy,” Kamalani reveals.

She adds that the coffee machines on planes hardly ever get a scrub unless they break down. Plus, they’re usually near the restroom, which isn’t exactly appetizing.

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