Oops! A Little Passport Tear Ruins Bali Plans for Tourist

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Bali’s always been a top pick for Aussies looking for a holiday escape. But for one tourist, it turned into a tearful saga when her vacation got scrapped.

As reported by Perth Now on Thursday (March 28), Elyse Elmer, a Sydney local, had to kiss her Bali getaway goodbye. She spilled the beans on her TikTok about the whole ordeal.

So, here’s the scoop: When she was going through Aussie airport immigration, an officer spotted a tiny tear on the edge of her passport.

And guess what? That tiny tear was enough to slam the brakes on Elmer’s holiday dreams. Yep, they flat-out said no to letting her on the plane.

Her TikTok vid blew up, getting folks on the internet talking. Most felt for Elmer and dropped their two cents.

“They’re super strict,” one commenter sympathized.

Meanwhile, another person chimed in with their own story about traveling with a torn passport and still managing to jet off.

This isn’t the first time this kinda thing has happened, though. Last year, a Melbournian named Charlotte Rebecca got the boot from her flight because of passport damage. And get this: She had to fork out a whopping USD 450 to get a new one. Ouch!

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