Den Bach Ma Temple

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Photo : Vaibhavcho/Wikimedia
Photo : Vaibhavcho/Wikimedia

Den Bach Ma Temple is located at 76 Pho Hang or Buom Sail. Hoan Kiem Lake, tourists can go to Pho Hang Dao which will eventually bring you to Pho Hang Ngang. On the right side there is Hang Buom, follow the road. Den Bach Ma is on the left side after the junction with Hang Buom Hang Giay. Den Bach Ma or White Horse Temple is one of the most important temples in the Old Quarters, Hanoi. Den Bach Ma Temple reportedly been standing since the 9th century, but nothing remains of the old building. temple which now stands is the result of reconstruction in the 19th century. However, Den Bach Ma is still the most magnificent temples around the Old Quarters.

Den Bach Ma incorporated into the national cultural heritage of Vietnam since 2000. Since it was done some renovations to restore the temple to its original architecture. The current building consists of six parts, namely tira altar, building for ceremonies, house boxes, incense rooms, and meeting rooms. Den Bach Ma Temple is one of the four temples were built in the heyday of Thang Long, was built as a tribute to Long Do.In 1010 after moving the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long, King Ly Thai To lift Long Do as the patron god of the capital of the kingdom.

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