Culinary Food Festive in Bergen

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Photo by Tu Grand Forks
Photo by Tu Grand Forks

Food prices in Bergen are generally less expensive than in Oslo, here you will easily find a place to eat that offers a menu or promo Tilbut or Dagens Meny for lunch, all under the price of 70 NOK. For the price of food and drinks at the mini 7-Eleven or Narvessen mean the same as the one in Oslo.

Cheap restaurants can be found in the Marken area right in front of Bergen Station. By noon the old wooden houses that have changed function as restaurants and clothing stores began putting up signs Dagens Meny promo, promo usually lasts from 12:00 until 15:00. do not be late for lunch if you do not want to miss the promo that can save feed budget for Bergen. Types of food that can be found in Marken, include Thai, Indian, Chinese and many other Asian cuisines. For example, when entered into one of the Indian restaurants that offer promo Dagens Meny, only 69 NOK for a lunch menu that has been determined. Taste of Indian, restaurant with red shades instantly welcomes tourists with a cheerful song india. Waitress in front greet and escort visitors towards an empty table, then the member list and the menu shows the current menu that day promo. You may not care about the name of an existing food or type of food served, you may immediately choose the most expensive menu that is being used as a promo. Not bad, you just need to spend money about 69 NOK for a plate of rice, a piece of chicken leg with large size, fitted with spice sauce and salad on the side, a dish with original price reached 120 NOK.

Bryggen is dominant with the home monopolies ranks and has always been a major tourist destination Bergen presents several cafes and restaurants, of course the price offered here is quite expensive. However, when you enter the building later Bryggen, you will find a fairly deserted road with the old house seemed more dull and less managed. In that area there are several restaurants that sell burgers, kebabs, pizza, until typical Lebanese food at affordable prices, the average under 60 NOK. Who would have thought that behind the glittering Bryggen as a tourist camera flash, on the back there are areas that escaped the attention of tourists, but it provides a friendly place to eat cheap backpacker traveler.

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