Cheap Paying Guest Accomodation in Moscow

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Cosmos_Hotel,_MoscowAccommodation in Moscow is very important to note. City in a few years ago had earned the most expensive city in the world, even surpassing London, New York, and Geneva.All prices become very high and uncontrolled also unreasonable. This all happened because of the economic situation in Russia’s booming oil sales as a result, more and more rich people, and many foreign tourists who come to visit Russia.

One affected by this price increase is accommodation sector. At the north end of the city, the hotel room rate does not make sense sometimes.In five star hotels, for example, many are put price in the range of U.S. $ 600 a night, with a much lower quality than the five star hotels in Bali.Interestingly, all the hotel was overrun by tourists and business people, often fully booked.

Along with the times, began to appear also with a relatively affordable price with a decent facility. In all place around the city center, such as Holiday Inn, offers in the range of U.S. $ 200 per night.S edangkan in the suburbs there is an apartment hotel, Eridan example that could be filled three to four people at a rate of approximately U.S. $ 160 so if sharing meals can be cheaper.

Currently in the booming city of Moscow is a simple inn commonly called the hostel. This is the residence of the backpacker who just needs a place to lay down without much questioning privacy issues. Hostels are often managed in this population, usually one room occupied 6 people who may not know each other. There are coadministered bathroom outside the bedroom. Excellence hostels generally provide free wifi facilities that do not necessarily exist in star hotels. Especially for breakfast, they only provide food and soft drinks, such as tea, coffee, and bread.

In addition to cheap, surplus real hostel is located quite the strategic position. In the city center and easily accessible by metro facilities.In addition, the hostel also provides services for calling visa is needed as an attachment when submitting a visa application to the Russian embassy in the country of origin. Therefore, before you book hostels are strongly advised to see the location via the Internet, whether close to the metro station or not.

Each apartment, hotel, or hostel usually accessible via the Internet. They compete to provide explanatory information in multiple languages so that potential tourists who will come to Russia will be easy to understand.One of the hostels are located in the city center is HM Hostel Moscow facility that has a website with 11 languages.The hostel is located in the city center and very close to the center of the famous souvenirs, Arbat Street.The location of this hostel in an area not far from Red Square and the Kremlin. With facilities such as those found in the page, the rate offered about 600 rubles per person for the same room men and 730 rubles per person for a female at the same room.

Because it is so easy to communicate with the owners or management of hostels, it is recommended that before booking to ask more details via email location and facilities provided. It is important in choosing a hostel is the cleanliness and also a strategic location close to the metro station.

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