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Photo : Franzfoto/Wikimedia
Photo : Franzfoto/Wikimedia

Noi Bai International Airport Hanoi is located in the Soc Son District, approximately 40 km from the city center. The travel time between the airport and the city center is about 30 minutes by car. Ba Noi is an international airport in Northern Vietnam. Several airlines fly from and to International Noi Bai Airport as Vietnam Airlines that fly from various cities, one of Ho Chi Minh City, which flies Air Asia from Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Airlines, and Thai Airways. There are many airlines that serve international routes to Hanoi, would you just adjust the travel route.

Noi Bai Airport

Taxis are available at the arrival terminal. Taxi fare to downtown is about 160000 and 190000 Dong Dong for medium to SUVs. This fee includes the toll cost. The taxi fare from the city center to Noi Bai is the same. Another way is cheaper ride minibus service. From Noi Bai Airport, the minibus will take you to the Vietnam Airlines office in downtown Quang Trung rate for the Vietnamese Dong 22000 and 32000 Dong for foreigners. However, another goal with rates more expensive. Travelers should reconfirm destination and fare before boarding. When left alone, using a minibus is the most cost-effective way, although you may have a long wait until a full minibus. To go to Noi Bai Airport, you can ride the minibus from the front office of Vietnam Airlines in Quang Trung.

The cheapest way to reach the city center of Hanoi Noi Bai Airport is to ride the bus. Travel by bus to the city center takes an hour and it costs around 5,000 Dong. Buses operate from 5 am to 10 pm. Bus route from Noi Bai airport consists of two lines. Bus # 7 of Noi Bai past the Thang Long bridge leading to the Daewoo Hotel in Hanoi west. This track is the last stop of Kim Ma Bus Station. The second route is Bus # 17 passing Chuong Duong Bridge and past the area around the Old Quarter to the Long Bien. If tourists want to stay around the Old Quarter. Bus number 17 is right transport. These buses can be found on the second floor of the arrivals terminal. After the exit, follow the ramp on the left side, the ramp sort of pedestrian bridge that takes you across the street. Bus numbers 7 and 17 stop at the end of the ramp. A common problem is the large suitcase not allowed to enter. So there is a chance you have to give bribes to the bus conductor.

Train Ride to Hanoi

Trains to Nanning, China depart from Gia Lam Station, about 5 km northeast of Hanoi Station. If you intend to cross into China from Hanoi, you can obtain tickets at Hanoi Station. Trains to Nanning flights operate every day. Trains serving the route Beijing to Hanoi flights operate twice a week. Of China, tourists can ride toward Dong Dang Train in Vietnam borders. After passing through immigration and customs, Vietnamese tourists can ride the train to continue the journey to Hanoi. Other trains departing from Hanoi station, including the path south, to the city like Nha Trang and Hue. Reunification Express operates up to Ho Chi Minh City. Book train tickets from long ago. To see the latest schedule and online ticket booking Reunification Express, visit the website or

Hanoi Bus Route

To travel between the city of Hanoi, the bus route usually begins or ends in Hanoi. The next big city is Hue. After that there Nha Trang, Hoi An, Mui Ne, Dalat, and Ho Chi Minh City. There is also a bus that runs to the other smaller cities in Vietnam. However, traveling by bus latency is uncertain. There are also buses that operate up to China, as well as to Savannakhet and Vientiane in Laos. Buy Long-distance bus tickets for travelers at travel agencies messages or even your hotel. Make sure the price is not much more expensive than the original price.

To get around Hanoi, the bus is the cheapest urban transport. Unfortunately the public transport system is quite difficult to understand foreign tourists. Hanoi Bus is very easily recognized by the striking colors of red, yellow, and white. Track number written on the front. Ticket prices range from 5000 to 10000 Dong depending on your destination. Ticket will be provided by the helper on the bus around and you have to pay cash. Bring a small fortune enough if you want to get around by bus. Although bus routes in Hanoi very much, some of these bus lines can be used as a guide as close to the tourist attractions.

Bus numbers 17 and 7 serving travel from Noi Bai International Airport to the city center and vice versa. Bus numbers 02 and 33 will bring tourists to the nearby Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. You will need memory lane as Le Hong Phong and Dien Bien Phu. Bus number 09 passing through the area to Hoan Kiem Lake. From there, tourists can get around in the Old Quarter. This bus also passes through Le Hong Phong and Dien Bien Phu near Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Complex. Bus ticket prices range around 3000 Dong near Hanoi for trips within the city, 5000 Dong to the airport, and 25,000 Dong for a trip out of the city and the surrounding province.

Bring a small nominal money so you can pay the fare with exact change. If not, there is likely to give money helper returns less than it should. If possible, do not go during peak hours, because the bus gets crowded. Buses in Hanoi is very prone to pickpockets. Keep watch, cell phone, wallet, and your camera. Do not carry important items that do not need to be taken.Take a piece of paper with your goal, because the language barrier is often a problem for tourists. When confused, you can ask the helper or even the passenger next to you might be better off asking the young passengers, because generally they have English language skills are better than previous generations. If you want to get out, be prepared in advance by the back door. Bus driver in Hanoi usually only stopped briefly so that the passengers will be jostling to get out.


In general, taxi service in Hanoi is the worst when compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. many drivers who will attempt to set a price up front instead of using the meter. When you know where you’re going and how far away, maybe you can bargain. If not, you better go to find another taxi. Many who use metered taxis and modifications you need to be vigilant. One way to minimize this kind of fraud are just using a taxi that has a good reputation as the Hanoi Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi and Taxi CP.

Tips on using taxis in Hanoi was noticed the meter all the way. Rate the door open is 12000 Dong. Although difficult, note the street outside. Many drivers who deliberately twist the meter in order to get high. If you know the driver cheat, quit and get out without having to pay. There are some cases where passengers locked and squeezed. When this happens, do not panic, make a fuss and threaten them back. Most taxi drivers do not speak English well. We recommend that you ask the hotel to write down goals in Vietnamese on a piece of paper. Do not forget to bring the card name. This is very important if you get lost. When he reached the destination, make sure the driver remove the goods congenital yours.

Xe Om

One of the public transport in Vietnam is Xe Om. The literal meaning is embraced Xe Om driver. Of course you do not need to do this. Xe Om can be found on every street corner, especially in the Old Quarter. When you’re running, many of which will offer services Xe Om. Before you ride Xe Om, you should bid first. If you find it too expensive, find others Xe Om. In the Old Quarter, Xe Om amount more than the number of tourists, so look for cheap rates is possible. When you have agreed a price, write in paper, complete with all zeros. Sometimes Xe Om tries to cheat by saying that the deal price is 50000 Dong, instead of 15000 Dong. Most of them receive money dollars, but you better pay with the local currency. When he reached the destination, Xe Om will offer to take you to another destination, or back into place. Better you reject it, when you are told to wait, it could be Xe Om will ask you to pay the cost of waiting. Be careful when paying, make sure your wallet is not within the reach of Xe Om rider. If you want to travel alone with Xeom, you might be able to ask for help hotel to arrange this. most likely they have a Xe Om driver who can be trusted. However, it could be a little more expensive price because the clerk will usually ask for a commission.


Cyclo ride the same rules as Xe Om. Bargaining costs ahead and write on a piece of paper. Cyclo are found in the Old Quarter and their targeting foreign tourists.

Motorcycle Rental

Vietnam is a country full of motorcycles, even a motorcycle traffic appears in the most crowded countries from all over asia. You can rent a bike at the rate of about U.S. $ 12 for one day usage. For foreign tourists are rare motorhome, Hanoi traffic must be very stressful. If you are already accustomed to riding a motorcycle in a big city, it may not be too difficult to adjust to the situation there. You can park a rented motorcycle on the side of the road, along with a motor that has been lined in there. Make sure you lock the front wheel. When there is a parking lot, parking attendants will ban you lock the handlebar because he had to move. Usually the motor rented hotel or a travel agent. Before signing a contract, make sure the motorcycle is in good condition. Be careful not to blame if there are scratches or damage that already exists.

Hanoi Car Rental

Car rental is less recommended, because there are many choices cheap and comfortable public transportation in Hanoi.

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