Beware of Delhi Sneaky Scams, From Transportation to Tourist Places

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Hey there, fellow adventurers! Welcome to Delhi, a city that’s as vibrant as it is notorious for its scams. But don’t fret, because we’ve got your back. In this guide, we’ll spill the beans on Delhi’s trickiest tricks, so you can explore the city like a seasoned pro.

The Rickshaw Roulette

So you hop into a rickshaw, and the driver insists the meter’s broken. You agree on a price, and halfway through the journey, he claims it’s double what you agreed on. Sound familiar? To dodge this, always insist on using the meter or agree on a fixed fare before setting off. Trust your haggling skills, and don’t let them play rickshaw roulette with your wallet.

The Fake Taxi Farewells

Imagine landing at the airport and you’re looking for a taxi. A friendly-looking person approaches, offers a cab, and you think, “Great, let’s go!” Only, it’s not a taxi, and you end up at your hotel with a bill that could sponsor a Bollywood blockbuster. Stick to authorized taxis or ride-sharing apps. It’s a much safer bet.

The Bait-and-Switch Tour Guides

You’re excited to explore Delhi’s rich history, and a seemingly knowledgeable guide offers to show you around. They promise to take you to all the famous spots, but instead, you visit shops where they get a commission on your purchases. If a guide seems too pushy or takes you shopping without your consent, it’s time to bid adieu and find a more reputable one.

The Monument Mayhem

You’re at a famous monument, minding your own business, when someone insists on being your personal photographer. After snapping a few pics, they’ll demand a hefty fee. Avoid this by politely declining such offers and taking your photos yourself. It’s a great way to strike up conversations with fellow travelers too!

The Temple Touts

While visiting a beautiful temple, someone approaches and insists on offering you blessings or a sacred thread. They’ll then ask for a hefty donation. Politely but firmly decline and continue with your visit. It’s perfectly fine to participate in temple rituals, but always clarify any associated costs in advance.

The Shopping Shenanigans

Delhi’s markets are a shopaholic’s dream, but they’re also a scammer’s paradise. Be cautious of shops that claim to offer “special discounts” to tourists or charge you exorbitant prices for shawls, jewelry, or handicrafts. Do some research on fair prices and be prepared to haggle. Trust your bargaining skills – they won’t steer you wrong.

The Lost & Found Lure

You’re exploring a bustling market, and someone approaches, handing you a “lost” gold ring or wallet. They’ll suggest you keep it, and in no time, a fake policeman arrives, accusing you of theft. To avoid this con, refuse the “found” item, stay calm, and insist on going to the nearest police station to sort things out.

Remember, not everyone in Delhi is out to scam you. Most locals are incredibly warm and welcoming. But by keeping these scams in mind and being a savvy traveler, you’ll be better equipped to explore the enchanting chaos of Delhi with confidence. Enjoy your adventures, and happy travels

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