Best Underwater Paradise in Makassar

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Famous being a maritime country, indonesia has beautiful ocean views not least, makassar. the capital of south sulawesi save the beauty within the ocean views. no wonder in the event the town became a haven for divers.

Additionally out to culinary and history, the traveler will conjointly dive in makassar. collected asiafreetravel, thursday there will be a little more than 5 islands in makassar decorated with panoramic read and underwater life super beautiful and stunning.

One may be that you ought to go underwater paradise within the whole island samalona. samalona island often is reached by chartered boat from losari. the island is located west of makassar and simply has an space of 2 hectares solely.

Additionally towards the white sandy beach, a main course by the island is that the beauty samalona underwater world. when diving, traveler will see a kind of marine life, such just like the pretty coral reefs and colorful fish. the water was crystal clear, adding towards the beauty as to the underwater world.

Behind the beauty as to the underwater island samalona, saved a history. during this island there may be a wreck of the war that add a beautiful underwater layout. the ship was aforementioned out to be applied in combat in world war ii. guaranteed youll dive a lot of exciting and totally different.

Besides samalona island, not faraway from tanjung bira are conjointly lihukan island. arriving lihukan, traveler can immediately be greeted with the use of a terribly clean white sand. don’t stop there, strive out to dive into underwater ! this is often the real beauty lihukan. coral reefs and marine fish, a charming painting beneath the ocean.

Though, the traveler ought to stay cautious whereas diving within the whole underwater paradise island lihukan. a few points to think about when diving here, the robust currents and ocean snakes.

Satisfied and lihukan samalona dive, continue your journey towards the island kodingareng keke. this island is 13. 6 km coming from the town of makassar. form of the sloping topography with water clarity reaches 15 meters, creating it collectively as to the favorite locations regarding the diver diving in makassar.

Additionally towards the condition of coral reefs are still smart, you’ll conjointly find totally different methods of marine life. to remain with the island kodingareng keke, a traveler might pass bangkoa wood wharf. within the whole dock is already speed boad will a traveler rents.

Never finished, is 1. 6 km from makassar there is arguably one a lot of as to the underwater world traveler ought to go. small laelae island, higher called gusung tallang. additionally out to you are weekend destination, many diver who came for this island. for those that like diving, this island is excellent for muck diving.

For the required information, peep the official website as to the government of makassar, during this town there will be different islands which will treat your diving desires. additionally towards the higher than islands, there lanjukang island, island langkai, lumu-lumu island, island and island bonetambung kodingareng lompo.

There will be conjointly barrang lompo island, caddi barrang island, and of course the island of heaven. guaranteed islands can build the diver delirious !

Intrigued from the underwater paradise makassar ? prepare diving equipment and set schedules out to explore the underwater paradise in makassar !

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