Beauty of Sainen-ji Temple in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Japan terribly closely along with the story of ninja. a ninja named hanzo hattori is arguably one that is amazingly well known in japan. he is well known regarding his a really charming spear skills. loyalty to actually tokugawa clan far too much to actually impress. hattori hanzo and built a temple named sainen-ji who was in yotsuya, shinjuku tokyo.

This temple is tiny however has historical roots that are incredibly fascinating to actually learn. physical building is mediocre. this temple was built in memory of her initial kid hattori named tokugasa ieyasu and his master okazaki saburo nobuyasu who are forced to actually commit ritual suicide by his own father, oda nobunaga. hattori was originally intended and get a guillotine nobuyasa however he refused by the grounds of loyalty. when death, hattori then build temples and tombs for nobuyasu. faithfulness is what several on your hattori remembered this.

A ninja when knowing the top of his life. and he then devoted himself within the temple that he had built till the top on your die. before he died, he modified his name to actually sainen as well as a basic amendment within the name on your temple could be a sainen-ji. when he died hattori was then buried during this temple. the visitors who return here will see the tomb of , hattori and nobuyasu here. each tombs absolutely really undoubtedly are a magnet for all those in explicit who have to actually realize concerning the historicity of men.

When hattori died, the temple was later moved to actually the present place in 1634 ( the very first was in kojimachi ). temple building ever destroyed in world war ii in which the existing building is currently largely a building that’s been reconstructed. sainen-ji temple too uses a monument to actually the memory of tokugawa nobuyasu built by hattori. here too will find you will discover spears belonging hattori. spear was reputedly given by tokugawa ieyasu by the merit on your ninja within the war mikatagahara. its size alone is quite broad plain by having length 2. 58 meters and weighs 7. 5 pounds.

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