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Bali_Kite_FestivalIn addition for exciting excursions to see the natural beauty and beaches, Bali also apparently has various festivals and annual events are held. Festivals and annual events in Bali in addition to providing entertainment also follow customs that have been handed down by their ancestors long ago. The following below are some of the annual festival that should not to be missed if you’re on holiday in Bali. check this out


Festival Padangbai
Featuring traditional sports such as Parade Bali Culture, Traditional Decorative Jukung, Jukung, Penjor Contest, Parade Music and Art. The festival starts at 10:00 and held in Port Padangbai, Karangasem which is about 60 kilometers from Bali.


Bali Arts Festival
Opening Parade displays, craft exhibits, music and dance performances, attractions cooking, classical dance keratin, and exhibition history. Bali Arts Festival held at the Cultural Arts Center Wredhi Denpasar which is about 13 kilometers from Kuta. The event starts at 10.00


North Bali Festival
The event featured street parades, traditional fashion, Lovina jazz & blues festival, art show and craft fairs paintings, awards and charitable activities. North Bali Festival starts at 09.00 and held in Puri Agung Singaraja Buleleng, about 13 kilometers from Kuta

Kite Festival Tanah Lot
The event featured international race giants kites. This venue is located in Tanah Lot Tabanan, about 43 km from Kuta.


Ubud Festival
The event featured exhibits of traditional painting, roving mask and puppet exhibition, opening and closing ceremonies, colossal barong dance, a traditional dance of children. Ubud festival will start at 06.00 in the Field of Astina Ubud, about 33 kilometers from Kuta

Sanur Festival
Sanur festival featuring exhibitions of international cards, cultural parades, exhibitions and art performances, jazz festivals, food ataraksi bali, photo exhibitions. Sanur Festival starts at 07.00 in Sanur Denpasar, about 15 kilometers from Kuta.

Festival Makepung
The event featured art show, buffalo races, the opening and closing ceremonies. Makepung festival will start at 09.00 in Jembrana, about 120 kilometers from Kuta.

Festival Fashion Week
Festival Fashion Week fashion show street carnival, trade shows, international fashion show, fashion show, fashion seminars, dj war. The festival is held in Kuta from 10.00.

Tanah Lot 10K
Activities to be performed by the participant is a 10K race, martial arts, marching bands, live music and treats. Tanah Lot 10K will start at 09.00 around Tanah Lot Tabanan.


Festival Balitronika
The festival opening parade featuring giant jegog, national and international DJs, music and arts performances, visual and photo exhibitions, collaborations Mebarung drums, fashion show. Balitronika Festival will begin at 05.00 around Sunset Beachside North Bali, about 75 kilometers from Kuta.

Nusa Dua Festival
Cultural festival featuring a parade of Nusa Dua, bands and cabaret performances, arts and crafts exhibitions, jazz and art performances, seminars. This event will be held from 09.00 around Nusa Dua beach area, approximately 14 kilometers from Kuta.

Kuta Carnival
The event will feature peace marchers, street parades, traditional dances sunset, release baby sea turtles, surfboard at the beach, the food festival. This event will start at 10.00 in Badung Kuta Beach.


Festival Tektekan and okokan
The festival featured a parade music and culture, competition tektekan, okokan competitions, performances of traditional music, the opening and closing ceremonies. The festival will start at 09.00 at Tanah Lot Tabanan.

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