Athens Locals Are Fed Up with Too Many Tourists, and They’re Saying It with Graffiti!

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So, Athens is joining the club of cities where locals are giving tourists the side-eye, and they’re doing it in the most Athens way possible—graffiti!

Graffiti Galore

Yep, the historic heart of Greece is now a canvas for messages like “Tourists, please vacate the premises,” “No tourists, no hipsters,” and a bunch more that locals have spray-painted on the walls.

What’s Bugging Them?

According to the Daily Star on May 15, 2024, it’s all about those skyrocketing property prices that are leaving locals feeling like they’re getting a raw deal. The culprits? Well, Airbnb rentals and all those short-term leases, for starters. And let’s not forget the noise and chaos that come with crowded streets.

One graffiti gem puts it bluntly: “Hey, tourists, enjoy your European vacation in what feels like a graveyard!” Ouch, that’s gotta sting.

Athens Ain’t Alone

This ain’t a solo act, folks. Ibiza in Spain knows the feeling too. Just last month, Ibiza locals were out on the streets waving their anti-tourist banners.

Anna Theodorakis, who got booted from her Metaxourgio crib, told France24, “What do we do? Take to the streets and cause a ruckus, because folks are losing their homes.”

Blame It on Airbnb

Local property dude Dimitri spilled the tea on how Airbnb’s taken over Athens. “Like, 80% of this ‘hood is Airbnb. Tourists wanna soak up Greek culture, right? Well, they won’t find any Greeks if we keep getting pushed out!”

Tourist Troubles

Tourism’s a big deal for Greece, bringing in a fat chunk of the cash. But here’s the kicker: over 40% of what Greeks pocket ends up going toward housing. No wonder seven out of ten Greek kids under 34 are still chilling with their folks.

What’s Next?

Vacay rentals have gone off the charts, jumping 500% in less than ten years. And guess what? That Greek Tourism Confederation stat says Athens played host to 33.4 million visitors last year, with about 6.7 million buzzing through Athens Airport.

So, Athens has officially joined the “Too Many Tourists” club. And it’s not just about feeling annoyed; it’s about trying to keep the city’s vibe intact while still raking in those tourist dollars. Tough gig, huh?

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