Amazing Snorkeling in Bali

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Scuba_Diver_SnorkelingSnorkeling is the easiest way to enjoy a surge in the bottom of the sea. This activity nearly equal with free diving, the diving in the depths of the water for some time. In contrast to dive to use the equipment and must have special skills, snorkeling using equipment that is much simpler and does not need any special skills. The main requirement is can swim, you can definitely do it. The equipment you need is relatively simple. You only need a mask, snorkel and fins.

Masks made ​​from plastic material that serves as a window to look in the water and prevent the entry of sea water into the nose. Without the mask, the eyes will be sore due to sea salt into the lining of the eye.

Snorkel is a breathing apparatus. This tool is one of the air pipe end is inserted into the mouth, while the other end sticking to the surface of the water. Before using a snorkel in the water, especially practice before to get used to breathing air with his mouth.

While the fin is of rubber boots with frog legs form that serves to speed up your movements when floating in the water.
Compared diving, snorkeling much smaller risk, and may can do with more relaxed. Not only just as the dive can freely roam up into deep waters, snorkeling can only enjoy the beauty of the underwater in the shallow waters near the shore.

Snorkeling Locations in Bali

Amed, Tulamben, Sanur, Locina, Nusa Penida, Menjangan Island.

Snorkeling Cost in Bali

To enjoy snorkeling you must pay ranging from Rp150000 per person per hour. The fee includes a glass bottm boat facilities, an instructor, a boat operator, swim fins, diving masks, and safety jacket without a wetsuit. If you want to capture the beauty of underwater scenery, you can rent an underwater camera with a starting price of Rp150000.

In Amed beach, snorkeling equipment rental fee is cheaper. On the east coast of the island, snorkeling equipment ewa Rp20000 per 12 hours, life jacket rental Rp25000 per 12 hours. And, here you are free memillih snorkeling locations at any point. While in Lovina, snorkeling fee ranging from Rp100000 per person includes drinking water and food fish.

Here’s a list of some package offers snorkeling around Bali

Snorkeling area in Padang Bai, a minimum number of participants 4 people at a cost of Rp360000 per person.

Area of ​​Sanur, Nusa Dua and the attack, a minimum number of participants 4 people, with prices starting from Rp180000 per person.

Tulamben and Amed area, a minimum number of participants 4 people with the cost ranging from Rp360000

Menjangan Island, a minimum number of participants 4 people with the cost ranging from Rp450000 per person.

Nusa Penida and Lembongan, a minimum number of participants 4 people with the cost ranging from Rp450000 per person

The above rates include the cost of transportation by land and sea transportation, snorkeling lessons, complete snorkeling gear, lunch and soft drinks, snacks, and safety insurance.

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