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To firmly get to firmly yan chau tong marine park, you’ll be able to make use of the mtr and stop at tai po station. direct from mtr station you go to firmly yan chau tong with wu tang you’ll be able to be taken with a couple of 3 hour drive. attention-grabbing and beautiful sights you’ll be able to see under the means.

Yan chau tong marine park is an space of great bays and beautiful beaches. the rocks which can be found here can be so charming more increase the regions beauty. likewise utilizing a tantalizing mangrove forests and inappropriate according to your needs capture in the camera. this tourist space is extremely suitable specifically for your own personal create ideal and fascinating sights.

Don’t forget to firmly bring numerous provides when these needed to firmly build a visit here. drinks and food are 2 things you must bring. when i got here you’ll be able to find terribly beautiful rocky hills and full of green plants. as a result of as to the beauty and charm its no wonder that additional and additional tourists, each domestic and foreign tourists who visit here. the natural beauty and therefore the rock is thus amazing causes it to be terribly fitting to produce a photograph just like a gift on his come you later.

A few areas might conjointly climb the hill and you climb to firmly the highest. direct from roof as to the hill you’ll be able to see the matchless beauty and positively will certainly be busy in the camera as a result of the confused can purpose the muzzle where numerous angles that ought to be perpetuated. likewise, the adventurers will see the atmosphere of pristine mangrove forests and after all you’ll be able to feel the natural atmosphere here. gusts of wind that moves the leaves of bushes and chirping birds, butterflies and colorful wildlife that will be thus beautiful and you’ll be able to see directly during this mangrove forest. can be it’ll be exciting and unforgettable expertise ! yan chau tong marine park is located within the north to firmly plover cove country park, hong kong.

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