Welcome to Lotte World Korea, The Worlds Largest Indoor Themepark

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If you really are into south korea by securing the whole family together with children, there’s no harm in case the sense of excitement at lotte world, that’s the largest indoor park within the world. you may positively feel the paradise play at this attraction. courage, challenge and excitement mixed along.

For game addicts could lotte world will help track of time. numerous vehicles the dominoes game will jajal one each within and outside the building. decision it, adventures of sinbad, pharaohs fury, camelout carrousel obtainable within the building or precisely what is usually noted just like a vehicle for journey. meanwhile, outside the building or maybe a vehicle known as magic provides gyro drop, gyro swing, bungee drop. well, you might want to be driven adrenalin totally different game. bungee drop example. the dominoes game is similar out to bungee jumping, where diners sit around a pole then struck down along at the height of 38 meters utilizing a speed of no below ninety km / h.

If you really are happy out to play within the outside space, it couldn’t hurt if you really strive out the majority of the rides within. for people who like roller coaster rides shall strive french revolution. utilizing a super high speed, the train is going to take that you definitely explore the entire building utilizing a winding road. fascinating isn’t it ?

You might want to too see what more than a little grandeur lotte world with sky ride baloon ride which can take that you definitely see the extent of south koreas indoor park coming from the air.

This space provides not simply a game but as well as food stalls, souvernir search, generally held parades and attractions laser light-weight. no wonder the lotte world is visited by 6 million tourists annually. nothing wrong using it, its strategic location makes anyone, even who hasn’t been out to south korea will surely be simple on him. lotte world is located in the center of seoul precisely in seoul-si songpa-gu jamsil-dong 40-1 south han river. lotte world is open 09 :00 out to 22 :00 through the entire year while not holidays. the price of admission for children priced out from the price 16000-22000 won, whereas for adults ranging 22000-38000 won.

Out to achieve this the most important vehicle you might want to merely ride by the seoul subway line 2 and 8 toward jamsil subway station via the exit range 4. lotte world directly linked out to these subway lines. being within the center of seoul, then you must remain seoul that has got a nice choice of hotel koreana hotel, acacia hotel, as well as millennium seoul hilton hotel. don’t forget out to visit the majority of the different destinations within the town inclusive of enjoying the beauty on your banpo bridge, world-class looking at dongdaemun fashion or tranquility along cheonggyecheon stream.

happy adventuring !

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