Travel to Changdeokgung, The Beautiful Korean Palace with Secret Garden

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gung could be a palace in korean. therefore it may be referred to as clearly as the palace changdeokgung changdeok. this palace was the second palace in seoul, once gyeongbokgung. however utilizing story written within the whole handbook, changdeokgung that initially merely just like a spot to live the king, was the most palace. the fact may be that whenever the japanese invasion, troops due to country within the whole east of korea is plenty destroying very important objects, together with the palace.

beginning the tour this point, after all, should pass throughout the main gate by having long aisle, jinseonmun. much like the palace in general, there’s a king bed ( huijeongdang ), the bureaucrats ( gwolnaegaksa ), chamber works ( seonjeongjeon ) to set a religious ceremony ( seonwonjeon recent ). the distinction is that the structure of one’s building, decorating till the division of house.

in korea, the average palace has wood walls along with the floor structure of one’s stone. the roof using tiles of clay. amongst the palace and of course the stone wall is sometimes restricted. particularly for changdeokgung, interestingly absolutely not palace, however a secret garden, huwon.

the park is true behind changdeokgung. to enter, visitors who purchase a separate ticket should pay regarding 5 thousand won ( usd 45 000 ). though tickets already in hand, couldn’t immediately enter, as a result of merely visitors are allowed to tour exploring. tours are obtainable in korean, japanese and english at sure times.

on july 30, 2012, i joined the japanese-language tours. as a result of to wait touring english, had to sacrifice regarding sixty minutes. barely then, there was an impromptu tour guide, who was a junior secondary school student named lee. she had the ability to speak japanese, english and korean after all.

along with the facilitate of lee, my friend due to philippines, sri lanka a tourist but a family of french origin, will relish the beauty secret garden king of one’s joseon dynasty ( 1405 ). we started due to pavilion buyongji and juhamnu. this place one in every of the’>can be one of the filming locations dae jang geum, aforesaid lee. dae jang geum is one in every of koreas fashionable series in regards to firmly the palace cook.

as a result of the title park, the space is certainly terribly attention-grabbing and organized. his trademark could be a large amount of swimming and colorful leafy timber. after we visit is summer, therefore go onto the park with temperatures around 36 degrees celsius, it feels like heaven. moreover, the pavilions, worthy to preserve.

huwon, built while not changing the contour of one’s land. this park change the hilly topography seoul. that the initial trip langkahan reached by foot with in uphill road. merely once reaching the peak ongnyucheon or park, visitors will breathe simply, as a result of ensuing tour is downhill.

ongnyucheon pavilion is characteristic clearly as the merely thatched. this space is drained times smaller, rather ditch that passes soyoam stone. the water was clear and cool, soothing weather sweat drain. from ongnyucheon will opt for solutions that dive, or road trail departure. this point, i selected a dip as a result of its faster to catch ensuing target changgyeonggung.

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